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AMD 64 cooling , wich is the best cooler for AMD 64 3800 + or AMD 64 FX53
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  1. you need to be a little bit more specific, air? water? If you're asking for best then it's the Prometeia compressor coolers.
  2. How would classify the performance of thermaltake big water c-w005 on a amd 64 ??
  3. Watercooling, I much prefer DIY sets, over the external built kits. If you really don't feel building 1 for yourself with huge radiators, strong pumps, and powerful waterblocks, then get a full external kit.
  4. care to share your diy kit site so i can a look . actually i have access to some of components already , pls reply
  5. LOL DIY stands for Do It Yourself, meaning salvaging some parts and buying some others. You could check out, sorry i don't live in the US so i don't know much online retailers, also offers some great prices, but they're in canada.
  6. What, no plug for <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  7. I'm currently running an FX-53 based system. I value quiet along with my cool. I've been using a Thermaltake Silentboost K8 for about 3 months now. Cool, easy to install and quiet as a mouse pissin on cotton. At $30.00 delivered you can't go wrong.

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