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What gaming headsets do you guys like? I was going for the 2013 astro a40s but with all the issues, I don't want to buy them anymore.
I need something that sounds great, can produce surround sound in at least simulated 7.1, has a good mic, and plays music very well. It should be well made and last a long time. I don't have a set budget, so I will consider anything. This will be on the PC but being able to cross over to xbox is a plus. However, if its a PC only device its ok.

Im just having trouble finding a good headset. I really wanted the astros but they are having issues now. Turtle beach is apparently ok, but ive heard of their low quality builds. The new razer is apparently....bad(to put it nicely). I could use the tritton warheads as they CAN be used on PC, but then id have to figure out how to adjust the mouse for pc(it can be done, it just takes forever to do). Not only that, but tritton isnt really the best quality(made by madcatz).

Right now im just sort of confused on what to get. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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  1. whats up blacktiger,

    it's a shame because the a40s are (read:should) be a great pair of headphones if it weren't for the issues that seem to plague the newer version. the mixamp is really sweet but the mic is lacking and the customer support is even more so.

    i'm not sure if the cross-console compatibility is what drew you to them to begin with, but if you're looking for model that plays nice with most platforms the tactic 3d omega is a good choice, although i should mention it is wireless.

    and yeah with regard to turtle beach, as far I've seen from testing a couple of their headsets, they make decent models but build quality is never a top priority of theirs. razer's got a few decent models out (tiamat elite = great...megalodon and chimaera = good, but not standout :whistle:

    if you're willing to go a little higher price-wise, then I'd def check out the MMX 300s. beyerdynamic makes a solid pair of cans. you might also give sennheiser or akg a look.

    happy listening :D
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