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i am writing my story with AMD technical supprot here due to a suggetsion made by a frien of mine :
what happened is that my fan speed started to drop down randomly to less than 500 rpm (the normal is between 4000 and 5000).
the problem is that replacing the original fan and/or heat sink that came with the processor makes your warranty void.
so i sent an email to AMD telling them about it.
after 2 days i recieved thier response asking me to send them a picture of the old fan.
i did.
then they asked me about my address.
i live in egypt , i sent them the address.
next i recieved an email telling me that they have shipped a new fan to my address from thier UK branch.
after 3 weeks i still didn't recieve any thing. i sent them an email telling them that i didn't recieve any thing.
they told me to wait just to the end of the week and notify them again (just to make sure).
i did.
they sent in another fan.
strange enough : i recieved both fans together after 2 weeks.
they didn't send me just the fans , they sent me the heat sinks too.
i told them that i recieved both fans , and they told me to keep the spare one.

Conlusion : they didn't ask about purchase date , they didn't ask for receipts ,they just sent me a new heat sink all the way from UK to my house in egypt , and they didn't hesitate to send me another one when i told them that i didn't recieve it (although they have already done thier responsiblity and sent me a new heat sink and i didn't prove that i didn't recieve it).

i know that a fan and a heat sink is not a big deal , but its the quality of the responce that counts . i am over satisfied with my AMD technical support experience and i am glad to thank Eng. Guglielmo Speciale for his sincerity and enthusiasm while solving my problem.
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  1. Thats excellent. And its good to know for future reference.

    Thanks for posting this.

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  2. Cool, I could use a couple spare parts....'eh, hey AMD, I think I lost about 2.6GHz last night, I need a FX-55 replacement part ASAP, kthx."

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  3. Ha yeah, maybe throw in a pair of 1G dimms in as well.
  4. wow great. any intel product i get that breaks i get a replacement next day air with no questions asked.
  5. Hum, this kind of reminds me about cooling in different countries. I mean, it's one thing to cool down a processor sitting "safely" in an office at, say, 20-22 degrees celsius sustained by air conditioning, but it's another entirely different thing if you're in, like, New Delhi and it's above 32C <i>room temperature</i>!

    These few degrees probably make more difference than we know. Has anyone made a study about room temperature affecting computer cooling ever?... It would be interesting to know!
  6. Intel do need to receive your CPU first, before using overnight shipping to ship u a new processor. And actually they do ask a lot of questions, they need the code on your hsf, and the code on your CPU.
  7. Well, but replacing the processor entirely is completely different than just replacing heatsink and fan.

    Plus, some of you may disapprove my comment, but...

    ...Intel's take is good. You can't simply go on replacing things without asking questions, that's just too <i>dumb</i>, quite simply. It's naive. So anyone could get a lot of extra spare parts by just asking? That's not quite right...
  8. i'm a ipd so they overnight it.
  9. I much prefer to just deal with distributor when it comes to RMA.
  10. if its over a certian time u can't
  11. Well Intel is probably more experienced at their products breaking, so it's no suprise they run a smooth return process.

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  12. When you walk in, and they smile and call you by name, an rma is usually not a big deal.
  13. You are living up to your handle! I have never lost an Intel CPU! Well, I guess I've never had an AMD go bad either. I'm trying though!

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  14. lol yeah i dont think there is much problem from amd or itnel getting rma's and both today are perfectly reliable for the average user.
  15. we've probobly had 5 out of 300 boards go bad and no cpu's. we also think some of the boards went bad because of power supplies.
  16. I've had 1 chip go bad in the last 5 years. The caps on the mobo fried and took it out. It was already past it's 3 year warranty, but I wouldn't have rmaed it anyhow. My bad for putting it on a cheap mobo.
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