Dump the processor?

Hi there folks, new memeber longtime lurker.

I have a P4B 2.5 ghz and a stick of 512 pc2700 memory in my present rig.

Here is my dilema:

I use this rig mainly for gaming and unfortunately some coding at home and I am in need of a performance increase. A month ago my old MB died and in a panic I went out and got a GA-81pe1000 pro replacement with my eye on a future upgrade to 800FSB and ddr400, so far so good.

Now hear is my dilema, In terms of a best performance for gaming would i benefit more from which upgrade path for now:

-pentium 4 prescott 3.2ghz 800fsb
-512 X 2 ddr400 ram
- ati 9800pro 128MB 256bit
(approximate upgrade bout 600-650 bucks)

Option 2:
- try to match my present 512mb stick with another 512MB of pc2700
- keep the p4b 2.5ghz
- add an NVDIEA 6800 GT
(approximate upgrade 500ish bucks)

Do yall think the p4b and ram will bottleneck the NVIDEA too much to get decent performance?

I really want to keep the present MB, but Im also open to any wisdom.

Thanks in Advance
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  1. Get 6800GT. You won't be CPU limited is most of the games, especially with high resolution and AA that 6800GT can handle.

    1 GB RAM should help in newer games. And you always have the option to overclock CPU for some extra performance

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  2. Excellent thanks,

    now all i have to do is try to match my ram, which cpu-z says is manufactured by AMD. Guess i am off to the ram forums to see how close i should try to match the ram specs, as i dont think that specific AMD ram is available anymore.
  3. I agree with option 2. You'll benefit a lot from the extra memory. You should be able to play any game out there with the 6800 GPU too.

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