Dothan@2.6Ghz(Air) matches all else! 2.8Ghz rocks!!!!

<i>Full update on thread:

x86-secret has published <A HREF="" target="_new">extensive benchmarks</A> for a 2.55Ghz Dothan. If their results are to be believed, it is quite simply astonishing! The 2.55Ghz Dothan is sometimes even faster than an A64 4000+, and definitely faster than P4 solutions. If taken to 2.8Ghz, dothan makes all current other processors look bad! :cool: </i>

Also, AOpen seems to be so proud as to put the i855-based <A HREF="" target="_new">motherboard</A> right in the middle of their products main page. A quick look at the <A HREF="" target="_new">specs</A> for that motherboard shows that it's quite underpowered in terms of memory - it still uses DDR333 and only AGP 4x slot, not 8x... Imagine if Dothan were to sit on a more heavy-duty motherboard instead of this cute tiny mobo.

Also, too bad we don't quite know how much wattage a 2.6 needs (and therefore, how much heat it generates). All we know is that a 2.1Ghz dothan puts out 21W. If a 2.6Ghz didn't put out much more than that... well, you all know what I'm going to say. :cool: It's fairly obvious that Toledo will initially clock at less than 2.6Ghz.

In any case, it is fairly obvious that Intel is holding the gun on dothan. I'm thinking that the only reason for that is that dothan could become stronger than P4s! I mean, a 2.6Ghz dothan on air with dual channel memory and enhanced FSB (533, 800, whatever) would have performance enough to make a serious stand against 3.2, 3.4 and maybe even 3.6Ghz prescotts!

Also, the whole thing suggests that yonah might manage clock speeds in excess of 3Ghz with air cooling. (taped out several weeks ago, ready to roll in 2005... but no, not for desktops... :frown: ) Heck, current dothans can do 2.6Ghz on air and yonah <b>is 65nm-based</b>, which should improve clock speeds further! As far as we know, it's not completely impossible that smithfield is actually yonah-based and clocks at 2.8, 3.0 and 3.2Ghz... If that were the case, I'd gladly have them delay smithfield for another 3 months to the very late 2005 than get an impossible netburst-dual-core processor.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Mephistopheles on 11/02/04 11:44 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. Intels plan is rumoured to be dual core desktop chips on the basis of mobile cpu's, so this means dothan or a modified version of it. I've seen tests with a 2,4 ghz dothan and it kicked both intel and AMD A64 ass. Maybe not in all benches but as we can similarly see in Athlons dothans have more power clock per clock some programs just still like raw speed but imo a dual core dothan at 3ghz or so will definetly put intel back on track.

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  2. so it stil puzzels me why intel would say ont heir roadmap that dothan would only reach 2.26 ghz by the end of next year? What is holding them back form releasing up to 2.6ghz for mobiles? How would htat cut into p4 sales at all? If they keep it confined to mobile, then it wont cannibalize thier p4 market. That would give them time to ramp up dothan production for dual core on desktop or to phase out the p4 all together and let dothan take over.

    They seem to be alot mroe conservative as of late with products. id like to knwo more info about that overclock though. namely, performance, heat, and wattage. hopefully someone else tries it out. a 2.6 dothan against a 2.6 winchester lol. i wonder though if dothans have a point where scaling up cuases a sudden jump in heat and watts, it is possible there is a wall to be hit, maybe thats something intel is being cautious about.
  3. It might be because, like I said, a sudden dothan ramp in clock speed would make the processor faster, better, quieter and cooler than P4s, and Intel wouldn't want to do that!

    Oh, and agreed on the need for extra information. In particular, knowing the wattage of a 2.6Ghz dothan would be great.
  4. but how would that undercut p4 sales if they keep dothan only on mobiles? if they are wanting to bring dothan to the desktop, then they shouldnt care if it is faster then the p4. if they arent thinking of bringing it to the desktop anytime soon, then confining it to mobiles, wiht deficient memory subsystems, then they dont have to worry aobut loosing p4 sales, since intel obviously wants dotahn to dominate mobiles
  5. Face it, dothan on laptops is a goldmine for Intel. They wont do anything that might hurt thier slow and total rape of that market.
  6. dothan SHOULD be the home processor, I think thats fairly obvious. instead we now have 1000 EE processors running a useless 1000+fsb to memory. Yay.

    What about watercooled? Personally, I do not take any system over 40 true decibels of sound (not those rated systems where it always is 10 decibels more in reality). I imagine 3.0 could be gleaned from that thing then. The wattages are so wonderfully low on those chips. In my opionion, all the other chips are trash compared, intel wise.
  7. Finally someone with some common sense.


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  8. It's a GREAT board, paired with the right parts it would make a perfect HTPC. Lots of desktop cases resemble home theater receivers or large VCRs and use Micro ATX cases. The low heat output allows for quiet air cooling, so it's perfect for the purpose.

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  9. meph stfu already!! You keep giving out great information about the dothan chips!! stop you're making me wanting to buy one, but i want an Athlon64 as well. You're just pushing me, i'm on the edge of buying 2 systems, an Athlon64 and a Dothan.

    LOL on a more serious note, what was that long pci slot on the DFI board? was that a PCI Express slot? I was too lazy to read it.
  10. I dont understand why motherboard makers dont simply release a fully featured desktop board for the dothan? Do you reckon Intel have told them not to?

    "The real wild card amongst all these announcements is the Yonah dual core Pentium M coupled with the Napa chipset that's also promised for 2005. In reality, this is likely to be the most interesting of Intel's dual core products and we still believe that the internal war between Louis "desktop" Burns and Anand "Centrino" Chandrasekher is continuing. It would be a radical step too far for Intel to throw its Pentium 4 "Netburst" architecture into the bin overnight, so the existence of dual core Prescotts is a way of making the move without the whole world realising that the game is over for this architecture. You can read the crib sheet for the Pentium Ms, here."

    Thats probably the problem right there. You think that as head of the desktop division, you would admit defeat and allow another product from another divison supplant your cpu
    and invalidate all that money you just wasted on the prescott.

    The dothan is limited to a 2.26 GHz to the end of 2005. But thats in its mobile form. A desktop form with less thermal and power restriction and rated at 2.4 GHz and above would be here already if the Dothan and Prescott were develop under the same Intel division. Office politics always have a way of interfering with innovations and productivity. They need to ditch the prescott already. It can barely get 400mhz faster that the woody (3.4GHz vs 3.8GHz), even though it was suppose to ramp up to 5GHz. All that money and R&D used for Prescott and Tejas and what do we get, an addtional 400mhz and SSE3. S*&t with all the money and R&D wasted on Pres and Tejs, Im sure they could of researched a way to get the Woody to ramp past 4GHz (which is faster clock for clock than a Prescott anyway) without a major revamp of the architecture. I bet the 3.4GHz for the Woody was a premature stop because of the introduction of Prescott.

    Prescott the cpu version of Superman with Kryptonite (aka heat) wrap around its neck.
  12. I definitely hate politics. :mad:
  13. Quote:
    I dont understand why motherboard makers dont simply release a fully featured desktop board for the dothan? Do you reckon Intel have told them not to?

    I don't know, but I'm under the impression that there are no non-intel chipsets for dothan available. If some chipset manufacturer had access and could design chipsets for dothan, we could see a dothan equipped with dual-channel DDR400 instead of single-channel DDR333. And we could see AGP 8x... :frown:
  14. DFI is making and selling a desktop Dothan board, sorry, only in Japan.
    Shuttle is expected to come out with a DD board as well. That would be 3.
  15. OK, but these are <i>motherboard</i> manufacturers, not <i>chipset</i> manufacturers. It is the chipset which is restrictive there, not the motherboard manufacturer. These last ones usually do their best anyway.

    Isn't socket 479 electrically compatible with 478?... Should be just a minor tweak for the engineers... But for us, it probably wouldn't work...
  16. I think s479 has different voltage requirements as well.
  17. Yeh I heard it was compatible. Even if it uses different voltages you could still create an adaptor for it.
  18. <A HREF="" target="_new">Here's</A> an article by the inquirer about the DFI desktop mobo for dothan.

    ...and what matters is that:
    This is DFI, and they do overclocking really really well, and the 855GME-MGF is no exception. Adjustable FSB from 100-250MHz, clock multipliers, FSB:Memory multipliers, asynch PCI and AGP, and just about anything else you want to tweak is here. In fact, they have a chart in the press release showing a PM overclocked to 2.8GHz destroying an A64 and a P4EE in Doom3. Granted, it is in 640*480, but still, there is potential here, big potential.

    This thing is 150% overclockable, meaning that the mobo supports dothan speeds of up to 5Ghz. So with this mobo, we'll actually reach the electrical (or maybe thermal first?) limits of dothan... :cool:
  19. There are two main problems with having Dothan on the desktop.
    a) Large stock of P4s left
    b) no 64bit capability

    Yes they may be very good in 32bit mode (integer anyway), but with MS likely to release XP64 next year, only A64 and the P4 architecture are ready. Essencially the Dothan would be competing with Sempron, for which they have the P4 based celeron, which they can potentially make 64bit compatible quickly and even get one over on AMD saying the budget chip is 64bit, at which point AMD would have to drop the Sempron range.
  20. Would it not be a safe bet that the whole sonoma platform was delayed to january 2005 because they were busy implementing 64-bit capabilities? I think we'll be seeing 64-bit capable dothans by very early 2005...
  21. If the dothan is electrically compatible with the P4 socket478 surly they could just use the 865 or 875 chipset with a different socket adaptor?
  22. The only problem I have with thinking it is a safe bet that they're adding 64bit to it, is I'm not entirely clear why they wouldn't be announcing it ahead of time?

    But they might be worried they won't have a stable implementation in time, so they keep quiet in case something goes wrong. I really hope you're right. This will drive X86-64 forward quite a bit, not to mention providing a vastly more level playing field. Especially if they get the speed increases in 64 bit that the Xeon got. That would be some chip.

    Scotty is dead, long live Dothan. :lol:

    <i>Nemo me impune lacesset</i>
  23. Well... the 6xx series also has 64-bit support, but that was not widely announced either.

    I'm guessing they wouldn't give AMD the advantage of having the only 64-bit notebook processor for long.
  24. r there online places where one can get these processors - like OEM or boxed. What abt the DFI mobo ?

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  25. The inquirer just posted another <A HREF="" target="_new">article</A> on Pentium M and how spectacular a processor it is...
  26. this again really makes me wonder if the people at intle have lost thier marbles or something.

    dothan is like the second coming, yet it seems intel falls over itself trying to supress it. i dont buy this notion of it eating into p4 sales. if intel pushed out dothans wiht thier huge fab capacity, they could saturate the market rather quickly, to heck with p4s frankly, they would start really raking in the cash if it turns out these are true performance juggernaughts.

    a good course of action would be have two lines sort of like they have now, pm's take the mainstream market, celerons take budget, and p4's take high end. i say keep p4's becuase dothan is not invensible and does lack in the workstation area of performance, so p4's could be kept there, just take out the p4ee's.

    i dont think this is all politics, i have a feeling intel just doesnt want to embrace dothan yet becuase its not an 'all around' exceptional performer. p4s can run in any segment with minor tweaking, a dothan would take more then tweaking to improve its performance in those high end areas.
  27. just bought A64 last week this review makes me wish i hadn't, also because of the [-peep-] I'm having with the MSI mobo (no network, firewire, Wifi, floppy, can be recognised the board is useless i'm going back to the store sith it tomorrow)

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  28. why does it make you wish you hadnt gotten an ahtlon 64? did you get a 90nm version? if so, ive seen overclock on air of 2.7-2.8 ghz if you are talking about overclocking.
  29. So, have you seen the bit at theregister about centrino becoming a home pc platform? Looks like you're getting your wish.
  30. I agree, they might very well be planning on 64bit. I was only bringing up an objection.

    I mean honestly, if all these rumors about Dothan end up being true, dual core that can whip a A64, and dothan cores in 2 and 4 ways, I could easily see myself switching.

    I just want to see more testing and reviews before I become a believer. Hell, I want to see actual products ship, actualy targeting of the desktop and SMP workstations. The numbers I see tell me this would work, but will Intel go that route? That's the big question.

    Until then, it's all conjecture. It is conjecture that I want to be true though, sincerely. If all of these things turn out to be accurate, we may be knee deep in another round of processor wars, which is just the way I like it. :evil:

    I hope it is true. I was planning on putting together a system for some overclocking fun, but I'm holding off until the end of January now to see what Intel brings to the table. I am definetly open to this.

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  31. Oh ye of little faith
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  32. :lol: Forgive me for my lack of faith. You should have gone with "I find your lack of faith, disturbing". It didn't say anything about 64bit and really, Intel has broken a lot of promises lately, so there. :tongue:

    I prefer to wait and see. I was like this with the claims about Opterons before they shipped. The FP performance also bothers me, but we'll see how that goes. And linux compatibility, that will be key for me.

    I'm willing to wait for my OC system based on these claims, but I'm not about to start proclaiming the good news of Dothan just yet. A lot of things need to happen first before it will be a real competitor to A64. If January comes and no 64bit dothan, I'll be going A64 for my OC system. I have better things to do than wait for a large company to turn vapor ware into real wares. :lol:
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  33. Well, according to the spec benchmarks, you could do the scaling:

    2000Mhz/400Mhz FSB Dothan: 1528/1087
    2133Mhz/533Mhz FSB Dothan: 1685/1304

    If scaling goes linearly, we could estimate higher-clocked version to go at about these scores:

    2266Mhz/667Mhz FSB Dothan: 1842/1521
    2400Mhz/800Mhz FSB Dothan: 2000/1738
    2533Mhz/933Mhz FSB Dothan: 2156/1955
    2667Mhz/1066Mhz FSB Dothan: 2313/2172

    I wonder just how wrong these numbers are?... Sure, we'd have to be overclockers to know... But if they're even remotely correct, dothan is truly good. Just imagine it sitting on LGA775, it would eat <i>any</i> P4 for breakfast. It's pretty obvious at this point that Intel could ditch prescott altogether for dothan in desktops at any time and we'll (well, at least <i>I</i> would) love them for it.

    For comparison: an Athlon 64 FX-53 at 2.4GHz scores 1623/1595 and a P4EE at 3.4GHz hits 1667/1578.

    Surely enough, complete speculation, but the projected scores fit nicely with dothan's exceptional performance when OCed like shown by DFI and x64-secret.

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  34. Quote:
    It's pretty obvious at this point that Intel could ditch prescott altogether for dothan in desktops at any time and we'll (well, at least I would) love them for it.

    Only someone who wants to see processor speeds stagnate wouldn't want this. I'm reserved right now, because it remains speculation, but I really really hope this plays out the way it seems like it could. The AMD fanboys be damned. :lol:

    I hope Intel moves on this and more importantly, I hope it's as doable as everyone seems to think it is.

    <i>Nemo me impune lacesset</i>
  35. Me too. :smile:

    If dothan got the 1066Mhz FSB from LGA775 and got to ~2.5+Ghz, Intel would easily be in the game again.

    Plus, with the reallocation of resources they're into, they could very well make smithfield a 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6Ghz dual-dothan 90nm (not 65nm like yonah) processor and still end up with better thermals than <i>single-core</i> A64s!
  36. Have you seen the benches??? And no unfortuantely I couldn't get the 90nm. I did however got the mobo switched and now everything is ok (no more crashes :-/ I can't seem to get past 2.55 ghz and 2.5 ghz is at least stable (and i'm using watercooling)(this is at 1.6V haven't gone higher because I don't know what the cpu can take)

    With water on a dothan I could have gotten much better performance for the same price I think.....

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    Corsair TwinX 2x512 mb PC4000 v3.3
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  37. you do realive dothans cost ALOT more then ahtlon 64's

    for example a 2ghz dothan is about $442 on pricewatch in a retail box, while an ahtlon 64 3500+ is $267 retail. so even if you then bought a high end water kit youd be under the price just for the dothan.

    now dont get me wrong, i agree dothans are the future for intel and i really really hope they push them on desktops in the proper form, cuase i would have many uses for it and it performs on par or evne ebtter then ahtlon 64s with elss heat. i know will want one in my next htpc. a few things need to happen first though. the core will have to be retuned at some point to make up for some of its shortcomings performance wise, it will also need to pick up things like 64bit and a faster bus speed. what i would love to see is dothan paired with ddr3, but that is unlikely for a while. i also want dotahn to come to dekstop to force amd to push itself as well. there hasnt been much reason for them to make mroe progress, they need a good kick in the pants lol. dothan is intel's ace right now, and im sure amd will be kicking in high gear to answer when it comes to desktop. i just think intel is missing a chance to push back so to speak.
  38. Do you think east fork will be strictly a multimedia appliance?
    I actually though you would go through the roof when you read the link about east fork.
  39. Sorry I talk about prices I have to pay to get those things. You don't need a 2 ghz dothan to overclock you know. My 3500+ cost mee 299€ that is 382.72 US$ and that the cheapest in belgium at the moement. 64 bit is not a shortcoming or an advantage at the moenet it's a brand that doesn't do anything else (at least for desktop computing) you and i both know 64 bit will only be an isseu when there is a 64 bit winXP that is faster than win XP 32 bit .

    MSI K8N NEO2 Platinum
    AMD A64 3500+ @ 10x250
    Corsair TwinX 2x512 mb PC4000 v3.3
    120 maxtor SATA
    Sapphire Radeon 9800pro 128mb
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  40. actually it is an issue for me, since i use beta 64bit apps or full released linux 64bit systems, so yes 64 bit is important to me, but i agree its not for everyone.

    but i also think it would look like a step back for intel to intor dothan on desktop wihtout 64bit extnesions, since they arleady started doing that on prescotts. even if its ntoa useful feature for all, taking it back with dothan would not look good from a market stand point, and intel is very mindful of such things.

    oh and im sorry, but i talk about pricing of what i can get, so i guess we are even. oh and also, you dont need a 3500+ to overclock either, a 3000+ will do just as much good, so maybe you should check how its price compares to a dothan.
  41. Your right, I was only thinking about "dumb consumer like me applications" for instance no 64 bit games and all or 64 bit office. A week after I bought my cpu (this week) the 3200+ s939 became available for 245€ (not very cheap either though probably a better choice for overclocking. For now I'm very fairly to verry happy with my 3500+ I can't seem to get past 2530mhz with vcore of 1.6v and since I don't know if 1.7vcore is even remotely 'safe' I only just tried it. btw 2.6 ghz is doable on 1.7vcore on my cpu and the sisoft benches beat the THG benches of the FX 55 so performance wise my system is ok I guess.

    The latest rumor I heard was a dual core mobile based with 64but extensions for Intel. So I think they will do the 64 bit part. Now all they have to to is thriw in a good on chip memory controller and Intel is back in business.

    MSI K8N NEO2 Platinum
    AMD A64 3500+ @ 10x250
    Corsair TwinX 2x512 mb PC4000 v3.3
    120 maxtor SATA
    Sapphire Radeon 9800pro 128mb
    Watercooled by Innovatek
  42. Quote:
    dothans have more power clock per clock

    Okay, I've taken the time today to thoroughly go through this article. I didn't do it before, largely because the french to english translation is painful to read. I should have done this before, but from what I see, we do not see a clear "clock for clock" advantage for Dothan.

    The highest clocked A64 tested in these benchmarks is 2.4ghz. The highest clocked Dothan in these tests is 2.55 ghz. The A64 is not overclocked, the Dothan is. Clarifying this restored perspective for me, because this isn't showing Dothan owning A64 at all. What it is showing, is that dothan is somewhat on par with A64 clock for clock.

    Consider these numbers for each benchmark given, the * indicates the winning number. Anyone feel free to correct it, I was juggling watching a baby while going through this review and taking notes, so I may have made a mistake or two.

    Dothan 2.55(oc) A64-4000 2.4(non-oc)
    Sandra 2004 CPU:
    11313* ----- 11026
    Sandra 2004 MultiMedia:
    27452* ----- 24646
    SuperPI 1M
    30* ----- 35
    ScienceMark Primordia
    383 ----- 344*
    3dMark2003 CPU
    654 ----- 1159*
    5162* ----- 4910
    276.45 ----- 257.08*
    Kribibench Jetshadow Realistic
    9.04* ----- 7.57
    Mpg to DivX5
    73.29* ----- 72.37
    RAR Compression
    357* ----- 318
    3dmark 2003
    12732 ----- 12798*
    Doom 3 timedemo demo1 640x480 LQ
    86.7 ----- 87.8*
    FarCry Regulator 640x480 LQ
    172.8 ----- 185.8*
    FarCry Regulator 1600x1200 HQ
    65.4* ----- 62.5
    UT2003 1024x768
    358 ----- 362*
    UT2004 640x480 HP
    236.74 ----- 240.16*
    UT2004 1600x1200 HQ
    176.54 ----- 185.08*
    Commanche 4
    83.34* ----- 81.1
    Aquamark3 CPU
    11249 ----- 11437*

    So we need to keep perspective here, especially people who suddenly think they made a mistake going A64. If you aren't worried about power consumption and you want high performance, you made the right choice. And remember that in these benches, the lower clocked 2.4 A64 won just over half of them, and the A64 was not overclocked at all, whereas the Dothans were substantially overclocked.

    I'm not trying to diss dothan, the lower power consumption for a chip with that performance speaks volumes of what an excellent design it is, but as of now, this is far from ownage, this is far from dominating, from beating all else. I think the benchmarks speak for themselves, that clock for clock, at best they are on par clock for clock, though it really looks Dothan is a little slower clock for clock. As of now that is.

    <i>Nemo me impune lacesset</i>
  43. Lol. Your right the speeds aren't the same... The fact that the dothan is overclocked doesn't really matter though does it?? What it should be overclocked tot to make a good comparison is 2.4ghz. What I look at however is overall overclockability and performanc on highest overclock. Considering the dothan clocks at 2.8 on air and my 3500+ for instance gets to 2.6 (barely) (or the fx 55 in the tests) we see another picture. The dothan wins and thats what counts. Now I haven't seen any FX 55's being overclocked so I don't know where they can get but isn't one of the points of overclocking (apart from being fun to mess around with you hardware) to get the most performance for the least amount of money. I don't know prices exactly but I'm sure that 4000+ is pretty expensive. And even if they were on par clock for clock 1:1 perfectly, wouldn't I have been better off with 2.8ghz in stead of 2.5-2.6. On major problem to me is the fact that is is a mobile thingy brought to desktop, no dual channe etc...

    MSI K8N NEO2 Platinum
    AMD A64 3500+ @ 10x250
    Corsair TwinX 2x512 mb PC4000 v3.3
    120 maxtor SATA
    Sapphire Radeon 9800pro 128mb
    Watercooled by Innovatek
  44. Look at the whole picture.

    While the A64 was not overclock, the dothans has a slow FSB and memory that dictated by its notebook design restrictions. The fact is a notebook gimped dothan performs well against the A64 and the P4. However, people are not drooling over a desktop 2.5 GHz dothan with 400MHz FSB with 333DDR memory, but a 2.5 dothan with 800MHz FSB and 400DDR.
  45. Quote:

    I'm not trying to diss dothan, the lower power consumption for a chip with that performance speaks volumes of what an excellent design it is, but as of now, this is far from ownage, this is far from dominating, from beating all else. I think the benchmarks speak for themselves, that clock for clock, at best they are on par clock for clock, though it really looks Dothan is a little slower clock for clock. As of now that is.


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  46. Exactly. The most recent benchmark numbers indicate quite strongly that the FSB, for instance, is hampering performance. While a dothan 2Ghz scores 1500/1000 in spec, the 2.13Ghz (6.7% increase in clock) gets a whole 1650/1300 score or so. That's a 10% increase in spec_int and a staggering 30% or so increase in spec_fp.

    Now this is something to drool about. If you increased the dothan 2.0Ghz by an average of 15-20% in performance because of dual-channel DDR2-533 and 533Mhz FSB, just imagine what it could to if paired with an 800Mhz FSB or 1066Mhz!!! I mean, the numbers indicate strongly that the PM is being bandwidth-starved by the 400Mhz FSB and DDR333!!! And it can do so much better... And it could do dual-core seamlessly in regards to thermals... and still clock high......

    How could we not be drooling?

    Of course the damned thing isn't superior clock-for-clock now! But once given 800Mhz FSB, can we be sure it won't?... I suspect it will. Plus, current dothan chips can apparently clock at least as high as A64s!! And with less power consumption!!!
  47. we might not be drooling becuase we are still waiitng for real proof. i want desktop dothan chips, i want to see what tis really made of and im tired of speculating lol. wake up intel! :P
  48. ok now again, i odnt knwo why your leaving out info.

    you must have missed the athlon 64 3500+ @90nm that are hitting 2.8ghz on air. but i can forgive that, they arent nearly as higly publicized here as the dothan's ''greatness''. so if your talking top overclock speed, they seem about equal. but we still dont know what temps or power draw the dothans use at 2.8.... has anyone seen this? it could be equal to the athlon 64 or lots less, we just dont know.

    also, top overclocks on fx 55's are 3ghz+ on air. now all this info i gathers from reading on a daily basis at the big overclocking forums and tracking the progress of projects.

    agian im all for dothans, i want them on desktops so bad ><, on the other hand, i dont want to see some kind of giddy outburst and pre-emptive crowning of it as the second coming here lol.

    i want to see what they are relaly made of, they are the best chance intel has to take things back if it can perform, and if intel would make an effort.
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