Strange crash when loading memory intensive games.

Okay, so I need help trouble shooting. First off, here is my build. It is about a year old. I added the SSD this summer.

Here is my build.

Now that winter break is here, I've tried to start playing video games again. Unfortunately, about 75% of the time, the video game (Skyrim/Starcraft 2/Total War) crashes while loading or immediately after loading. Strangely, if the application does not crash, it runs smoothly regardless of how long I play. I get 50-60 FPS on high settings. This is making me mad. This happens when games are installed both on my main drive SSD and my storage drive HDD. I've tried installing new video drivers and checked for malware. I don't know what to do, I'm a little rusty at the this sort of thing. Any help? Thanks for your time. Note: I do not know when this problem started. In the past few months I have replaced the stock CPU cooler and installed the SSD. My temperatures are good. CPU maxes at 35C, GPU at 65C.
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  1. does it crash after a fresh install of windows? I mean, without cloning one drive to the other or using software to move the data?
  2. If the problem occurs on both the ssd and hdd, then we can rule the storage device out as the problem.

    It honestly sounds like a GPU issue. If you have the latest drivers in there, try rolling back to an older version. Another route might be to put in another video card and see if you can recreate the crashes on load. If so, then it may be that you have bad sectors on your RAM, which you can verify by running memtest86 (

    Are there any error messages these games provide when they crash?
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