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Just received my new AMD 64 3000+ from Newegg :) This is the retail version, came with heatsink and fan. It didn't come with any thermal paste, but I think it came with a piece of thermal tape on the bottom of the fan. I didn't get a change to open the fan itself and see. I'm new to system building. So, to anyone who has bought a retail AMD 64, do I need to purchase thermal paste, or is everything I need there already?
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  1. Thermal paste would be better, but the tape stuff will do - if you're not ocing any. If you get paste (my mobo came with paste - maybe yours did too?), be sure to really clean off the tape before you paste it.

  2. Thermal tape is fine

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  3. I might be wrong on this but I was sure that mine came with thermal past right on the hsf already covered by a piece of plastic.
  4. Mine to. I dont think the A64s have the old tape, but there is a glob of thermal compound under a bit of scotch tape on the hsf.
    If you are using that, take the scotch tape off first.
  5. Thermal Interface material, it's basically the same thing as Paste except that it softens under heat, rather than going on liquid.

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