Buying new gaming rig. Need opinions on this setup

Ok guys. Going to buy within the next week. Idon't have money to wait for SLI. I will upgrade in the future (1-2 years). How does this system look:

AMD 3200+ 90nm Winchester (O/C to hopefully 2.4-2.5)
Asus Av8 rev2 motherboard
OCZ El Platinum rev2 1GB RAM
Leadtek Geforce 6800 GT
2 WD 10,000 rpm Raptors in RAID config
Black Thermaltake Tsunami with included 400W Power Supply

What do you guys think about this gaming rig?? It will cost around $1500. I am recycling my old Audigy 2.
DO you think this is the best RAM? I read the Anandtech article and they got the 3000+ to insane speeds with this RAM. I was going to go with the 3200+ over the 3000+ b/c of the multipliers. Opinions???
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  1. Hard to go wrong with A64 these days =) Other people here say that the Raptors in RAID 0 are a bit overkill, and you could probably save the money just using one and bump your processor up to a 3500 if you wanted. Where are you buying this? Top of my head, because I was just pricing one like yours for a friend

    A64 3500 (90nm) $310
    Mobos $150
    OCZ rev 2 $273 (newegg)
    6800gt $400 ish (can get for under I think?)
    36/74 Raptor $105/180
    Some decent case $100-150

    Total $1333-1468 or so

    Yeah I guess 1500 bucks is about right hehe. Anyway, I bet you'll like having a 3500 more than you will another Raptor. Either way, that system is going to scream =))
  2. Horrible, absolutely horrible! Get a faster chip and an NForce board to go with that GPU.

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  3. Well you can go in for like a 3400, 3500+.
    A MSI Neo2 Pt board, if you dont wanna wait for Nforce 4.
    A BFG 6800GT in lieu of the Leadtek
    Atleast 1 more starage HDD like 120Gigs, never know when RAID0 will fail.
    Memory Alternatives: Ballistix - they have discount stuff goign on. Perform ~>= OCZ Pl rev2, and are cheaper I think. Also some really good timings.

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  4. In my opinion that is the perfect chip, as it can overclock past a 3500+, while being only a little more expensive than the 3000+.
  5. How well do 3500's overclock?
  6. I don't really know, but I think that the 3200+ winchesters overclock much higher % than the 3500+ (winchesters i assume you are talking about). article is about all I know.
    Besides the 3200+ is way cheaper.
  7. Hmm. Thanks guys. ANy other opinions on RAID?? Worth it??
    What is the best Video card to get that is $400??
  8. Priyajeet- Can you post a link to the cheaper RAM that performs as well as the OCZ rev2??
  9. Quote:
    What is the best Video card to get that is $400??

    6800GT (if u can ever find it in stock ne where)
    <A HREF="" target="_new"> 6800GT </A>

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