Geforce GTS 160M + Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 or i5 430M + Radeon 5650?

I'm choosing between two notebooks. Both have 4 GB RAM and same price. But I don't know which is more efficient in gaming and making 3D graphics.

One has Geforce GTS 160M + Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 and second has i5 430M + Radeon 5650.

Can you tell me which will be better for me?
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  1. HD 5650M is miles ahead of GTS 160M in gaming
  2. By writing that, You think about technology only, or general efficiency? I have doubts, because on benchmarks ( ) it doesn't look so obvious. 160 has 35th place, while 5650 has 46th.
  3. I meant overall
    Also,notebookcheck makes a lot of mistakes(especially in ranking)so check the benchmarks and you'll find out 5650M performing much better.
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