Does USB work in any country?

Hi, I was just wondering if I was to purchase a keyboard from the US that connects via USB, would it work in Australia? Similarly, I was looking at a wireless mouse that had a receiver that connected via USB; would this have power issues at all?

I understand that the US and Aus opperate on different voltages and wondered if devices powered by USB only were exempt from power issues.

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  1. USB- Universal Serial Bus. They work the same all over the world. Unless you are using a device which draws power from external power source, e.g. an external HDD. Then you need to check if the power adapter can take the higher voltage. Many power adapter now days have input range of 100-240v 50-60Hz so you can use it in US and Australia and pretty much every domestic power outlet in the world, provided you have a physical adapter to fit the shape of the pins.
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