Best Headset for a Sound Card?

Hello, I am looking to upgrade from my Razor Megalodon headset as the mic has died, and I have had them for over a year and just wan't a better quality headset.

What would be the best headset to use with a Asustek Xonar Essence STX 2, or a better sound card, I will mainly use them for gaming and would like noise cancelling because of loud siblings :(. Price isn't really a problem as long as it does have very good quality sound and a good mic on it, I was considering a Sennheiser PC350, but I wan't the best quality I can get. Thanks
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  1. depends are you using the sound card for gaming or music.
  2. whats up matty! so you're movin on up from the megalodon's eh? the pc350s are definitely a good buy - they have great acoustics and the noise cancellation is respectable. i'm not sure how high your price range goes but if you really are looking for high-fidelity gaming headphones, i'd go either:

    beyerdynamic mmx 300s
    v-moda crossfade m-100s
    tourney headset from plantronics

    they're all beasts. awesome mics and the passive noice cancelling is oustanding as well. good luck my friend

    cheers :)
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