Is this laptop decent?

Hey, i was planning on buying this laptop:

(because alienware is a no-go).

So is it going to be able to handle Modern Warfare 2, Crysis, Crysis 2, Far Cry 2 etc.

It has a 5650m which is very good (imo) and apparently crysis @ high will give me an average of 18-24 (which, yet again imo is a very good framerate)

So how will it perform with those games that require the super-computers? (Assassins Creed II)

Thanks for replies :)

(And yes, IMO Crysis is NOT the most demanding game, not by a long shot, even ac2 is more demanding)
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  1. Hello
    That looks good,HD 5650M is a good mid-range card and can handle games fine on medium settings(or high,if you play at a resolution like 1024x768).
    What's your budget and what screen size do you need ? there maybe better alternatives.
  2. well i watched a few vids, and it seemed to be able to cope with games like modern warfare 2 at MAX settings.

    The main specs are,

    5650m HD
    i5 540m 2.xx GHz
  3. Yes like i said,a 5650M can handle games fine on a resolution like 1366x768
  4. ok thanx for the reply i think ill get it now :)
  5. No prob,hope you enjoy it
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