Any suggestions on what to buy for sound system

want to build a custom computer around audio power. want it to have closest possible power to an actual recording studio's equipment, a money is no object type of deal. any suggestion on what package to buy?
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  1. what do you plan on recording? Drums? Live Band?
  2. would like to record entire band, but the computer will be in the personal hands of the lead guitarist
  3. Power Mac G5 Desktop Dual 2.0GHz, 8GB Ram, 2x 2TB Hard Drives $1040.40
    2x PreSonus FireStudio Project $799.90 "16 Pre amps"
    DVI Monitor of your choice $109.99 - $1000+
    Digital Audio Workstation of choice (Pro Tools 10)$245.00 (Logic Pro 9)$199.00 (Garage Band)$0.00 "comes with computer"
    16x XLR cables
    1x Condenser Mic (Singer)
    2x Condenser Mics (Drum Overheads)
    1x Dynamic Mic (Kick Drum)
    3x Dynamic Mics (Tom Tom)
    2x Dynamic Mics (Snare) 1 for Top 1 for Bottom "reverse the phase on bottom mic"
    2x Dynamic Mics (Guitar Cabinet)
    1x DI Box (Bass Player)
    2x Boom stands for drum overheads (check out mic techniques "XY, Spaced Pair")
    3x Mic Stands (Tom Tom)
    1x Boom Stand for Top of snare
    2x JS-KD50 - Kick Drum / Bottom of Snare Drum
    2x JS-KD50 - Guitar Cabinet
    1x Mic Stand for Singer
  4. Thanks for that, gives me some good rerference material. when i see dual core @ 2.0 ghz though that seems weak. i've been building 2500k's @ 4500mhz quad.
  5. Yeah, with a quad core you won't have to worry about limitations. I used 2.0GHz Dual Core mac book late 2007 model with only 1GB of ram FSB 667MHz, in school and I could run Pro Tools LE 7.3 on medium audio buffer with Reason 3.0 rewired into Pro Tools, and Guitar Rig 2.0 simultaneously.

    Studio Microphones
    2 x SM57 - Snare/Guitar Cabinet
    3 x Sennheiser 421 - Tom Toms/Guitar Cabinet
    1 x Audix D6 - Kick Drum/Bass Cabinet
    2 x AKG 414 - Drum Overheads/Acoustic Guitar/Piano/Choir Overhead/Symphony
    1 x Neumann U87 - Vocal Microphone
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