Resource (DNS server) is not responding

I have scoured the internet and tried all sorts of fixes but i still cannot solve this problem.

System specs
GA-MA790GPT-UD3H motherboard
3.4 Phenom II - quad core
Geforce 275
OSC black edition 4 gig RAM

My full error is "Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding."

I have taken my router out of the equation and plug directly into the cable modem. I can browse the internet and even download files from the internet at great speeds, but the moment i use my FTP clients my download falters tremendously to around 20KB a second. When i game on CODWAW and have to download something new like a mod or map, same thing slows down to 20KB a second. I can do a speedtest on the internet and get my full bandwidth no problem.

As you can see once it is getting ready to leave my network the ping times out.

I have updated all my drivers and done several system restarts .

My Internet Protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4) is set on auto.

Interesting enough it is saying it can't find DNS but assigns me one

I have tried many solutions but for some reason i can't solve this.. Any help would be much appreciated it. I am a web designer and if my FTP speeds are this slow, this will cripple my business.

Any questions are welcomed.
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  1. If your getting I.P via dhcp, then I would setup a static on the pc.

    I.P =
    Subnet =
    Gateway =
    DNS =

    Yep that DNS is right.
  2. Ok i gave that a try. On my FTP client, i start the download, it wants to take off and speed away but for some reason it still slows down to 12 KB/s. What is the alternate DNS?

    I did what you recommended but unfortunately that did not completely fix it. The internet still worked but not at nominal speeds when dealing with FTP. I didn't get the windows error however. My trace rout still times out when leaving my network.

    Good try and thanks
  3. Hey found a great link to speed up your internet. and it fixed my problem. My FTP problems were fixed almost entirely.

    Now in FTP which is way faster, I will be downloading at 600 or 700 KB/s and every 3 seconds it drops to 200KB/s.
  4. Well i wish i could give myself the best answer. LOL
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