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so i was planning to purchase an acer laptop inshAllah, their laptops usually have the best price for the features.. however i dont have any personal experience with acer laptops and dont really know any one with acer laptops.. so i wanted to ask from those who have had acer laptops.. are they any good? how is their build quality , do they last long? do they develop technical issues fast?etc...
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  1. Acer is one of the cheaper brand of notebooks. They're generally of less quality then notebooks from mainstream manufacturers (Dell, HP).
  2. well the 'inside' are the same right? like processor motherboard, etc.. so shouldnt their reliability be roughly the same
  3. They are the same electrically and mechanically, but Acer will choose cheaper brands for hard disks, memory, etc. Also, Acer will skimp on chassis design and cooling components. The machine will run warmer and the case may be prone to cracking easier. At least, those have been my impressions of Acer machines having used and repaired many of them (along with other brands).
  4. I would suggest a Dell laptop. I bought one in 1999. It only broke down last year when I let my mom borrow it for a year. When I took a look inside it the mobo was covered with dust. Dust must have fried it. Think about reliability. I had an Acer netbook. I sent it to Acer when it was still in warranty. It took a month before I got it back. A year later and out of warranty later, my aspire one doesnt boot up anymore. My friends with an acer notebooks have their own problems too. Now I have a two-month old ASUS lappy. No complaints so far.
  5. They all wrong im on my 2 Acer laptop now using aspire 5930g love it. the quality is in my experience same as others though on some forums i always hear acer being trashtalked. had an HP that gets overheated and shuts down when using longer than 10h. this acer i never turn off i agree with frozenlead about the temerature is little higher u can see more about this on the 5930g on but who really have an 15.4 lappy in his/her kness for longer time. i never turn my lappy off "never" has not had any problem since i bought it 2009-02.

    +side many acer models are easy to change to a better cpu because many aspire models have big lid back easy to change to better cpu then on other brands.
    here's a link with pic on how it looks like and got 85% in rewiew.
    and like u said hard to top money vs features like death said should be roughly the same. but in fact can be even worse same features in a HP gets much worse results in example gaming performance. if u gonna buy a lappy
    this site is a must to check out before buying so u dont make a big misstake
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