939 CPUs Memory Controllers?

I have a couple of questions here. I've heard alot of talk about the memory controllers onchip in the 3500, 3800, and 4000. However what about the other 939s? I've seen 939 3000s on sale at newegg, and was wondering, if the mobos don't have onbd mem controllers, how (or if) they run on the 939 boards? The answer to my question would of course be that they also have memory controllers onboard or that they cpu's can't run on there, or that the cpu's acutally do have onchip mem controllers? [Winchester 939 vs Newcastle 754 (are the 754s onchip mem controllers as well?)] Help!
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  1. It's amazing what...READING does for me...<looks up> Hey look at that, a buyer's guide with all the information i asked for...hrm...thx all
  2. Congrats.... You've actually posted your OWN sarcastic response, before anyone got to you...

    That's gotta be a first :lol: .

    Yup, All A64 chips (including S754) have on-board memory controllers - that's a large part of what makes them perform so well.

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  3. I guess i still have one question left. I could undoubtable continue this reading thing and find what i'm looking for...but...ah laziness... Anyway, the 90nm Winchesters...do they work with the same 939s...having trouble visualizing something about 30% smaller fitting in the same socket. How does that work?
  4. The piece of plasticy material with all the pins sticking out of it isn't the actual 'chip' itself. If you look at a picture of an Athlon XP, you'll see a small black square, about half an inch square or so - <i>that</i> is the actual chip ('Core' as we would call it)

    A64s have a larger piece of metal bonded over the top (as do P4s) so you can't actually see the core itself.

    They just stick the chip on the same package, wired up to the same pins.

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  5. ROFL. ok, i knew that, i guess i hadn't ever made the connection that the core's were actually created seperately from the "plasticy material" heh. I supose it makes sense though. When people talk about creating cpus, they talk about it coming out as a big sheet...but i hadn't actually ever seen one, but if i had actually given it a little more thought...(probably still would have come up with the same answer d=D).

    Thx being absentminded is what i do!
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