I need a suggestion on which headset should i choose. I will be using it about 80% for gaming 5% For Movies 15 % for music. I need a good high quality headset that are light, comfortable, and a good model at least like a siberia v2 cs go edition. The headset i might get are steelseries siberia v2 cs go edition with xonar dx or my on board RIVE Mobo. Might also get a xonar xense bundle. Or a pc 550 senheiser with xonar stx. My buddget is about $550 for headset + soundcard. The siberia v2 looks really good but i think its lacking sound quality when compared to other headset like pc 350 ( senheiser). Wireless is not really needed but if there is a good wirelesss without any opticalbecause i want to use the stx, then it might be a possible choice. the stx in my country is 180 USD.
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  2. Hey,

    What you get for a headset depends on a few things: budget, use, features, etc. Will they be just for PC or would you like to use them for PS3 or Xbox as well? The siberas are a decent headset for their price, if you shop around you can usually find them for like $70. Astro Gaming makes a good headset in the A40s, however their pride is the Astro Gaming MixAmp. Currently I am using a Beyerdynamic MMX300 headset which I LOVE. Absolute best headset for gaming in my opinion. I also use the Astro Gaming MixAmp instead of on-board sound (which I may update sometime in the future). I do PC/Xbox/PS3 gaming, so I wanted something I can use across all platforms flawlessly and this combo was it. The Mixamp runs around ~$150 and the headset runs around ~$350. Those are both average prices and can definitely come down if you catch them on sale (especially the headset).

    Just my 2 cents. Hope that helps!
  3. As i said , budget is not a problem what i need is comfort, good audio quality. I started to like cloth material over leather, but leather will do just find. I don,t really like astro a40 because it doesn't look that good . i mainly use my pc but seldomly use it for iphone.
  4. Did some research and found out the mmx 300 might be what i was looking for . However many people say the clamping force a little harder than other headset, will this cause discomfort when using glasses. I usually play games about for about 7-8 hours. Resting for 5 mins every 4 hours and 1 minute every 1 hour. Question no 2 , will tx be to good for beyer or will it just be fine to have such high quality sound card. I also hear audiophiles so sound quality is important. So from most important to least is : comfort followed by sound quality, followed by design. I also noticed the impedance for mmx 300 is kinda low 32 ohms and it is quite heavy 780 grams
  5. The. Tesla t90 looks quite good too , from beyerdynamics but i might need to save more for this on although it has supreme audio quality. Btw im making it virtu 5.1 using asus software for pc use
  6. The 990 series from beyerdynamics are quite interestin too since it features customizable orders, which i like because i can pick the matterials
  7. Badnews : 400usd is as high as it goes for headset and stx is 170 usd here in Indonesia. I just wish i can get the tesla t90 . Im buying these cans on end of march on singapore. Also which is better dt 990 vs dt 880 vs t70 . T70 has better crossover/ wiring but have same driver as dt990 right ?
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  9. Hey, sorry have been busy. I do find the MMX300 clamp harder, that being when you take them off they immediately go back to ear muff to ear muff but I never notice tightness on my head. I game for long hours as well, with glasses on and never notice any discomfort. You can go to a cheaper pair of Beyers and just buy an external mic. The MMX300 is basically just the dt 770s with a mic I think.
  10. I think im going for t90 or dt990 or dt 880. Between the dt series which one is the best ?
  11. I think i can buy a clip on mic or use my old crappy sonic gear headset's mic . If i use a mic where should i plug in on the xonar stx or my rive board since the realtek has muting background sound capabilities.
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  13. I guess im going beyer dt 880/250 with asus consr stx
  14. I can tell you you wont be disappointed with beyer, regardless of the model you buy

    I've proudly rocked the mmx 300s for some time now, and they're still some of the best cans I've ever used.

    from the dt models I've only tested the 990s but can also say they're superb - awesome bass response (the 880s i've heard are much more linear). I don't wear glasses so I can't speak on that matter, but I will say the mmx 300s are definitely geared towards gaming more so than the DT line, if that matters much to you.

    damn the t90 is pretty though :ange: Let me know how it turns out!
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