Can I remove drivers from Win7 installation before Windows boots?


I've recently added a new mobo and a new CPU to a certain computer. this computer is now giving me BSOD's shortly after the windows 7 logo appears. booting in safe mode gives the same result.

already tried to set a restore point and did a chkdsk on the drive. imo the old drivers from the old mobo are acting up.

is there a way to remove old drivers from a windows 7 installation (using System Recovery or another pre-windows tool) after which windows 7 will boot 'vanilla' so i can install new drivers?
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  1. this is why its always recommended to clean install windows if you install a new motherboard

    some times you can get away with it and other times you cant
  2. Full specs please. I always recommend a fresh install with new motherboards.
  3. Asus P5B Deluxe
    Intel C2D E6850
    4x1gb DDR2 800 ram
    Geforce 8800GT

    A new windows installation is possible but if there's any way of dragging the old drivers out of the current windows installation, it will be preferred.
  4. I've managed this by using the sysprep.exe method. google for more info on this command.
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