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In terms of CPU usage for an external hard disk, which is interface represents the lightest load? 400Mbps FireWire or USB 2? I am looking to put an external drive on my system for portability due to a collection of DivX movies.
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  1. Firewire has the lightest load on the CPU normally, because it uses a hardware interface chip rather than the chipset.

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  2. Ditto

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  3. Many thanks
    Firewire has a cooler sounding name anyway...
  4. It would depend on what interface your PC has. If it has FW, I would use it, but would not go buy a card just for the drive if I had USB2 already.

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  5. The desktop has 2 onboard FireWire 400 ports, plus another 1 or two on the Audigy. The laptop only has USB, however most of the drive enclosures I am looking at are only an extra NZ$ 40 so I was figuring I'd go for maximum connectivity options.
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