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I have windows 7 64 and have installed paint shop pro v.7. Every time I open a jpg it opens in a new instance of paint shop instead of opening the picture in the already running instance of the program. I know that there is a way to correct this, but I don't know it, there are several threads online about how to solve this in XP, but not windows 7. Does anyone here have any ideas?
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  1. Uninstall all versions of paint shop pro, use CCleaner to remove registry entries of paint shop pro remaining and clear unused file types. Re-install 1 paint shop pro only.
  2. PSP = Sony Play Station Pro.
  3. PSP = paint shop pro first.

    Is there not an option for open new or open within?
  4. Thanks for the reply. However uninstalling and then reinstalling paint shop pro version 7 did not fix the problem. I also tried setting the default program for jpeg and jpg to other programs and then back to paint shop pro and that didn't work either.
  5. Go to open with, select windows photo viewer as your default jpg viewer.
    In paintshop pro, set it to ignore file extension ownership.
  6. Thank you all for your comments. I got it working correctly. What I did was to uninstall paint shop pro. Then I went into the registry and deleted all references for "psp" (paint shop pro) and rebooted. Then I reinstalled the program but did NOT open it. Then I went to default programs and associated jpg and jpeg with paint shop pro and rebooted. Now when I open pictures by clicking on them from inside of a folder paint shop pro places all the pictures into one instance of the program. This makes me happy!
  7. And here i always though of

    PSP as PlayStation Portable.

    I remember lots of PSP(Paint Shop Pro) back on the day.
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