Can't Startup Win98se

I have a dualboot win98/xp computer. I've just bought a new Logitech Wheel Mouse Optical, and I was trying to install it.

So, I plugged the mouse into the USB at the back of my comp. And win98 detects it, and ask me for the driver. So I put the CD that comes with Logitech mouse and 'browse' the driver. After that.. my new mouse started to work very nicely~

BUT here is the problem, after I restart it. I can't startup win98 anymore!! I can see the win98 'cloudy' logo loading and stuff.. but right after that, I see a blue blank screen for 1/10 of a sec, and the computer will reboot itself!!

WHAT'S WRONG?? I got into win98 in safe mode. Remove the new USB mouse from 'Control Panel'->'System'->'Hardware Devices'. But I still can't startup windows. *___*

Help help!!
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  1. ok
    boot up and hit f8 to get start menu, choose command prompt, then put scanreg /restore
    choose a date before you instlaled the mouse drivers
    then pop off to logitech for some newer drivers

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  2. I had problems with my logitech optical wheel mouse until I updated the driver in device manager to a standard ps/2 port mouse (Also using the usb to ps/2 adapter that came in the box). It allows use of the buttons and wheel but not the logitech software, which I didn't want anyway.

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  3. I have an optical wheel mouse in 98SE and it works perfectly with Window's built-in driver!

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