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I had a stock machine running windows 7. I built a computer for myself and I hardly use cds so when I needed to install windows 7 on the new computer I simply removed my cd drive from my old computer and put it in the new one. I assumed that since the os is installed to the hd that the computer would still run but it does not . I already installed windows 7 on the new computer but when I went to boot my old pc up it says no operating system. Do I just need to buy a new cd drive? Or do I need to buy another copy of windows?
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  1. Wait, did you assume the OS was installed onto the HDD or the CD drive?
    Because I'll tell you one thing, OS doesn't get installed on the CD drive..
  2. You may have disconnected the hard drive when you took out the CD. Check that the data and power cables are correctly seated on the hard drive and try to boot it then.
  3. Is the system IDE or SATA? If you disconnected an IDE CDROM that is daisy chained to the primary hard disk, that could do it.
  4. Are the CDROM and hard drive IDE or SATA? Common problem with the IDE type drives is that they are configured in a master/slave configuration (jumpers on the drives) - you will need to configure the hard drive as a stand alone drive.

    Second - does the BIOS recognize the hard drive? Are there any error messages when booting?
  5. Sorry for the lack of response. The computer boots to nothing but missing operating system.

    I'm going to attempt to put the cd-drive back into the previous system and change the hd to stand alone
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