Bios temp at idle?

My system:
Intel Celeron D 330 (2.66 Ghz)
Soyo SY-P4i865PE DRAGON 2 Plus v1.0 motherboard
1 stick kingston 512mb pc3200
Cheesy case and PS

I put this system together two nights ago and loaded xp on a spare HD to test it and burn it in. The first thing I did was load MDM-5 to check temps. I was astounded to find it was reading 70C (case open 35C) yet it was running with out lock ups. I reseated the Heatsink (retail box unit with fan)with out success. After some searching in the MDM forums, I found that MDM doesnt support the v1.0 of this motherboard and that everyone was having readings like that. Checking the BIOS, I found the temps to be around 50C. I would like to test the system under load but since I can only see accurate(???) temps in the BIOS how can I accomplish this? I read somewhere that while the system is on the BIOS screens it actually runs at 100 CPU load for some reason. Any comments on this? I'm fairly sure the heatsink is on correctly as I have done quite a few in the past. It doesnt seem to get very hot at all (the heatsink)

Thanks in advance for your insite,

PS Im not interested in starting a flame war, but I really dont care to hear any AMD vs Intel comparos. I assembled my system for my personal needs and the performance is fine for what I want to do. Im more interested in not harming my equipment. Besides, I cant beat the price of 6 bucks total (plus bartering with old unused parts I had) lol.
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  1. You say the temp drops when the case is open?
    That would definatly point to case airflow issues. Do you have a fan sucking in air in the front and a fan blowing out air in the back?
    I am fairly certain that the cpu is under no load when in the bios.
    There must be some kind of temperature monitoring software for that board, if there is google will tell you :)
    If you are really worried about temps just pop for a little 5.25" bay temp sensor kit.

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  2. Thanks for the quick reply.
    oops...what I wrote was totally unclear...I really meant to say that the case temp is reading 35c while the processor is reading 70c in MDM. It reads 35c while the processor reads 50c in the BIOS. I havent even closed the case yet as Im still testing.

    I googled like crasy for the past two days but cant find anyt mention of any utility that can read that board accurately.

  3. My soyo Dragon (the one for AMD though) came with a utility on the CD to measure temps. I think it measures the mobo sensor temp though, not the cpu die temp - but they're only about 5-6C off in bios, so I add 6 to my monitor temp, and call it 'close enough'.

    I also tried running 100% load for a while, then quick-rebooting (reset button) and entering BIOS to see temps. You don't get the full 100% load temp that way, but I was able to watch it crawl down from 50 to 45. Based on that and the HW monitor showing max 47, I figure I'm running about 53 full load, but it's OC'd a bit and in a warm room, so thats good for me.

    Maybe you can infer from a combination of methods like I did?

  4. Thanks, I will certainly try that. Also, I think I can deduce by your test that the board certainly does NOT run at 100% while in the BIOS. Otherwise you wouldnt be able to watch it crawl down. Now I just need to get some decent fans/heatsinks in my rig because after I loaded everything else up (Hard drives, cards, burner, zip ect...) I let it run over night on the BIOS screen and it was at 55c in the morn. I think thats too high to be idleing at.

    I have only two cd's that came with the board (neither have a monitor util)...there might have been a third, but my 1 y/o daughter might have gotten to, Soyo doesnt have any of their utils on the website so I have to find some one else with the exact same board and find out if there was in fact a 3rd disk.

    Thanks again for the info.
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