Please help me to set up my mail account i am currentle running w7

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  1. hmmm, this probably belongs in the software forums under windows 7, but whatever. What do you mean by set up your mail account?
    Are you trying to set up your email account with Outlook (or like outlook express for the included version, i don't really remember the exact name)?
  2. windows 7 does NOT come with an email program.
    (1) You can down load windows live - Good ole uSoft replacement for XP OE Express and Vista win mail (I use "good" very loosely and I do not use!)
    (2) You can down load thunderbird (That seems quit popular here)
    (3) You can install Outlook - Need a microsft Office product (This is what I use on Win 7 64 Bit)
    (4) MY FAVORITE, You can copy your windows Vista Mail directory into win 7 and use vista windows mail (this is what I did for My wife's I3-540 32 bit Win 7) There is MORE to it than just copy. You have to get admin privilage (mispelled) on vista files, and on win 7 you also need privilage to rename win mail directory to old win mail. (Shi*(^^$& , just goole using vista win mail in windows 7.
  3. hmm, i was sure i had seen an email program on my fresh install of win7...oh well.
    Anyways, I use thunderbird which is pretty nice (not to mention free). Its not quite as simple to set up as it tries to be, but once the server info is done, everything runs well.
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