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Hello. I have a problem with my audio setup.
I am currently using a SB Audigy 2ZS with 5.1 Surround speaker setup. My 2 front(left and right) speakers had started making a buzzing sound when I play games for some reason. I've never had this problem before and had also not changed anything. I can play music and watch movies perfectly fine, but when I start up a game like Garry's Mod, they would buzz. They would also buzz differently if I move my mouse too. I have the 2 front speakers connected to a 10 band stereo equalizer for when I'm playing music or movies. One of my friends said it could be a ground loop, but I don't know. I've checked the wires and everything and even rebooted the system. My front Center and 2 Rears don't buzz, so I think it might be the Equalizer.

Any ideas on what to do would be appreciated. Thank you!
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  1. open the audio software and change speaker modes...
    a ground loop would come from cable TV. disconnect all cable and see if the buzz goes away.
    If the buzz goes away when you disconnect cable TV, use a ground loop isolation transformer on the cable.
    Also, try lifting the ground connectors with 2 to 3 blade adapters for the power plugs...
    you can stop a ground loop by lifting the grounds with adapters.
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