USB Dongle Bootup Key

Is there something I can use like a dongle or something to use as a "HARD KEY" to boot my computer from?

in other words;
IF the USB dongle is NOT plugged into my computer - it will NOT boot/start up. in the device HAS to be plugged in to start the computer.

can i use a standard usb drive? and is there any recommended software available?

ANY comments appreciated.

Thank you.
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  2. hahahahaha... i like your sig... interNATIONAL... WHAT a gas.

    say this proggy looks pretty cool.
    do you use it?
    if so, does it shut down the system, or just as it says, - disables keys/mouse & "blackens" screen? (or goes into standby?)

    thx re-opened.
  3. My brother uses it on his rig,he loves it.
  4. is there however any hardware (like a USB dongle) that i can use to disable my machine from being started AFTER I shut my machine down... say in case someone stole my rig??

    i understand there are several ways to get around gutting and stripping a machine down or use an alternative like TRUE CRYPT for data protection.

    I just want an "ignition key" for my machine.

    thanks again.
  5. ...anyone???
  6. Full Disk Encryption, no password, system won't work. Without a custom electrical build, no way to lock it down with hardware. USB ports are too generic to have the system know to check for things on it during boot.
  7. cool thanks hang-the-9; the answer i was looking for. THANKS.
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