Which laptop is better for me?

I have been looking around for a new laptop for weeks and am set on 2 from Tigerdirect.ca. I will be mostly using the laptop for gaming. Which laptop offers better performance and will be worth it?

1. Asus G72GX RBBX05
Cost: $1,037.25 *shipping + tax included*

2. Asus G51JX-X2
Cost: $1,263.25

money isn't really a factor as the difference is only $200.00
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  1. You are not allowed to post your e-mail in public forums,i edited your post.
    Between those,G72 has a better VGA,whereas G51 has a better CPU,so in gaming G72 will perform better.
  2. Oh, I wasn't sure that the better GPU would be so much better then then 360m that the I7 processor and DDR3 ram wouldn't give the G51 a better benchmark for games or something since the G72's cpu got like 40th place for laptops while the i7 was in like 8th.
  3. Most games are GPU limited,therefore you'll get better performance with G72.
    However some games benefit from quad core too,like numerous RTS games etc.
  4. Newegg had that same ASUS g72 for $750 just a week or two ago, looks like they're sold out now tho.

    For $1200, you can get something better than all of those. check out the Asus g73 at best buy... has the i7, gb DDR3, and ATI 5870, which trumps both those video cards. It's a great deal... the only downfall of it is doesn't have a 1080p screen or bluetooth. If you want the HD screen and bluetooth, check out the normal Asus g73 - but it costs $1500
  5. That's $1200 US not CA,and the OP's prices are Canadian dollars
  6. ahh... duely noted! i msised that
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