Need best laptop I can get for Adobe Master Suite!

First off, my budget is around a 1000 usd :(

I would have more but I just spent more than that on the desktop I built.

I need a laptop that can handle using Adobe master suite cs4 and Maya. I am a student, if you haven't figured that out by now! :pt1cable:

I am not sure what these programs need the most. It just seems that I need as much speed as I can get.
I was thinking about just buying a laptop with 4gb ram then upgrading that myself. I am assuming a 500gb 7200rpm hdd should be fine. I am really confused as to what video card I should look for as I have no idea what hardware resources these programs tax the most.

I am not an AMD or INTEL purist, just looking for the best in this price range....Any help is appreaciated!
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  1. Are you planing to game too ? also what screen size do you want ?
  2. Well I want a 1080p capable monitor just in case I add blu ray. Who knows if that will be possible because of all the hdcp stuff.

    Anyways, I would like to game on it, but that is not a priority as I know 1k usd isnt alot for a laptop.
  3. Is that 5650 going to be sufficient?

    Otherwise, I played around with the options and this laptop looks nice!
  4. Its a good mid-range card that can handle games fine on medium settings(some on high)
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