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I have a ECS K7S5A motherboard (i know its crappy!) and am currently using an Athlon 2400xp processor. Is it at all possible for me to add a highr spec of socket a cpu into this board (say an Athlon 3200xp)???
I have a heatsink and fan that can take upto 3ghz so thats not a problem.
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  1. ...Motherboard section?

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  2. I believe that you are maxed out. You can't add a 333 bus or 400 bus cpu to that board, and you can't even OC it without looking for a new non-official bios.

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  3. Actually the board isn't THAT crappy, consider the competition (Asus A7V266 for example) and it's actually superior to most high end boards of it's day!

    If you find a BIOS that has multiplier adjustments, you could try a mobile barton, but you'd also have to confirm the new BIOS supports Bartons. A mobile Barton (such as the XP-M 2500+) would allow you to set the multiplier manually and get your speed up.

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  4. what are you trying to accomplish with an upgrade ??
    the XP2400 is not that bad , most games & apps should do fine , if its games may think video card instead
  5. was just thinking of upgrading it a bit
    i have a nvidia geforce 4 440mx (64mb ram) graphics card
  6. Yeah, if this upgrade is for games you should rather be looking at a gfx card upgrade. Even a 9600 pro or older Ti4200 w/b a significant improvement.

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