Pentium 520 2.8GHz Temps?


I recently built a new system using a Socket 775 Pentium 520 2.8GHz CPU and an ECS 915P-A Socket 775 motherboard.
My question is what are normal temps for the Pentium 520 2.8GHz? I am currently seeing 44*C idle with the stock heatsink/thermal pad and a high speed(I think it's 4000 max RPM)Thermaltake rear 90mm fan. When running a game the temp goes up to around 51-52*C.

I am worried because it is fall here in NC, 55*F outside, and it's probably in the mid 60's inside. I hate to ask what it will be in the Summer time

Should I take the heatsink off, remove the thermal pad and apply some thermal grease instead?


Tavis Curry
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  1. I just applied some regular white thermal grease. Temps are about the same, maybe a little worse. =\

    Tavis Curry
  2. you temps are fine. Is that a prescott CPU, I can't be bothered to find out - if so, your temps are superb

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  3. It is a prescott, so those temps are average m8. Prescotts run very hot.
  4. Yes, CPU-Z says it's a Prescott.

    Well dang....problem with the temps is that sometimes it gets pretty hot inside during the summer time. Half of the time my parents don't even run the A/C......but for now it's fall/winter and I can just open the window to control the room temp.

    I need to go to a 4 year college so I can get out of here...=D

    Tavis Curry
  5. under load it is up to 63*C. Are you sure that's not bad? I remember my old Athlon Tbirds didn't get this high with similar cooling methods =(

    Tavis Curry
  6. 'tis fine. Prescots run hot, and they can cope with it.

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