Razer Black Widow Ultimate and Winamp?

I have just purchased the Razer Black Widow Ultimate keyboard. My previous keyboard served me well with the media keys and using my favourite music software which is winamp. My question is how do I set up the Black Widow Ultimate to work with winamp? I would like to be able to Pause, Next song, Previous song and volume control (turn the general volume up on windows not just Winamp.) If anyone could help me out on how to set that up I would be greatful. The M1,2,3,4,5 keys at the side will be good for this if you can tell me how to set it up like that.
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  1. hey mate, all you need to do is go to preferences in win amp, go to global hot keys tab and enable the 1st tick box for multimedia key support.
    Now when you use the fn + f5, f6 etc buttons, itll work in winamp
  2. thanks rusticle????this is very helpful
    by RC22
  3. The Razer Black Widow has numerous features on it for any kind of use that you can have. You can program keys for certian functions and even program them for macros. You just have to bring up the Razer Synapse Program Manager and select what you want the keys to do , Especially those M keys on the side which are there just to be programed.
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