Identifing uper filters lower filters in regedit directory

cd rom is not recognised in device manager,trird edeting the filters in the regestry
editor,there are 8/9 diffrent filters to chose from,doesent say which is
upper or lower filters.dont want to mess about in the regestry case i balls it up tottaly.cheers ROY
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  1. If you are not an IT person or MIS, do not mess with what you don't know how. You can go to Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Disk Drives and see if the computer has it. If yes, you are just missing the drive letter which maybe occupied by a secondary HDD, change letter of CD-Rom.
  2. +1 cyber is not being rude, the registry is a really dangerous place to play in. recovering from a broken reg is not easy. Also please be careful with your user name, i'm assuming your dob is encoded in your name, it's not a good practise from an id theft point of view.
  3. Are you sure the CD drive works? New ones cost 20$, or you can pickup an external USB cdrom drive for 30 or 40 if it's a dead laptop drive.

    Drives are cheaply made, and don't often last, it's not a stretch for a drive you've used only a handful of times to die.
  4. Hi

    Microsoft produces FixIt software to sort out common problems

    try Google search
    windows 7 upper filter drivers fix it

    This usually works far easier & safer than using regedit


    Mike Barnes
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