Toshiba Satellite L300 not Booting

I got a Toshiba Satellite L300 PSLB8A – 0KW004 off a friend today who said that Windows isn't working correctly. When I get home with the laptop and turn it on, Windows comes up with the screen when you've unsafely turned off your PC one to many times, where you have the option of how to start Windows – safe mode, normally, last good known config.

So I tried normally to start with, and it stays on the Windows Vista start up loading part, I left it for about 20 minutes, and it hasn't changed. I rebooted it with the Windows 7 disc I picked up, just has a black screen with the text curser flickering for about 15 minutes, not changing.

So I decide to let it boot to the screen where I select what type of Windows version I use. I click 'Last Known Good Configuration" The same, doesn't log in.
I tried Safe mode, the same thing. I tired to boot it in safe mode again, and I got blue screened in about 10 minutes.

Could anyone please be of help for this?
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  1. Check whether your friend just added a new memory module and if so remove the new piece.

    Check the BIOS screens to make sure everything looks in order.

    Most likely, it's just Windows is messed up. I would reinstall if you have the option.
  2. Everything is in order from the BIOS.
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