Acer 5740DG 3D laptop Availability

I want to buy the acer 5740DG 3d laptop in India. If its available , iam ready to buy it. please let me know the price and where its available in india.
Please help me how and where can i buy it from.

email: **********

It comes with tridef 3d with i5 processor , 4gb ram 1 gb ati 5650 and 500+ gb HDD.
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  1. I'm unsure of the availability of it in india, but your best bet to find out when it is to be released or if it has already would be to simply google it every so often.

    I also deleted your e-mail addy, as it is never a good idea to post it in an forum on the net, as you are potentially inviting a spam attack, malware, etc...
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