Dell latitude d610 drivers download for windows 7

I need driverers for dell latitude driver d610 works at windows 7
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  1. This is a very old laptop that was designed to run Windows 2000 or XP. It isn't officially compatible with Windows 7, so Dell never released drivers for it.

    That being said since it's an ancient generation of chipsets, chances are Windows 7 will have the drivers built-in so you can try to install it anyways (but no guarantee).
  2. Some of the Xp drivers might work for Windows 7, but might not and MC_k7 is correct also.
    What drivers do you actually need? ie what is not installed correctly?
  3. danny2000 said:
    Some of the Xp drivers might work for Windows 7

    That might be risky. Windows 2000 and XP share a similar kernel so I've seen many Windows 2000 drivers work in XP. With Windows Vista, Microsoft came with a new kernel and 7 is just an evolution of that. I've seen many Vista drivers work in 7. But from XP to 7 it's a long stretch with more risks that the drivers won't work or cause problems, but you can always try. Personally, I'd try to search for generic drivers for Windows 7 if you can find some that work, for instance if some chipsets are missing, check on the Intel website if you can find generic ones for your generation of chipsets. But with laptops most manufacturers have custom ones so it's no guarantee you will find some that work.
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