Xbox wired controller works perfectly with pc like in xbox?

I want to buy an xbox wired controller to play games on pc with the controller. My question is that the controller works as the same like on xbox? Actually, I mean the analog sticks. It has the same sensitivity on pc like on xbox? Because in the keyboard you can push the button or not. With the analog sticks you have more possibility, sensitivity.
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  1. got an xbox wired controller on my pc

    i only use it for driving games--its great for that

    but for fps games its useless compared to keyboard/mouse combination--trying to aim at anything is so difficult
  2. Yes, I know. For fps it's not great. But for driving and third person games like Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Prince of Persia, AC... I think now, it is good. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Yes the wired controller will work just fine Windows 7 x32 or x64. The OS will find the device and install the drivers automatically. I have two Xbox 360 wireless controllers and a XBox 360 wireless receiver for Windows I really like them. Some of the best controllers I have ever used.
  4. Yes, I have windows 7. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Here's a scoop for you. Ther's a wireless controller for PCs also and it works perfectly also.
  6. The xbox controller works exactly the same on the pc as it does on the console. It's just a question of whether the game you're trying to use it on supports it natively, with key remapping or not at all.
  7. Yes, I believe the driver it installs for the controller takes into consideration button pressure and the like. My controller works fine for most games!
  8. The Xbox 360 controllers for windows work excellently. The analog sticks work just as well as they do on the Xbox. Make sure you get the newer models that have the improved d-pad, the older style is mushy and is practically useless in fighting games. The newer style is a million times better. As far as I know, all the black versions are the new style, just pay attention if you are buying one of the white ones.

    If you are looking to get more than 1 controller, the wireless version is they way to go for a couple reasons. First of all, it's one less thing to plug in and you don't have to worry about tangling the cords. Second, when you buy the first wireless controller, it comes with the wireless adapter. After that, you can buy ANY WIRELESS XBOX 360 CONTROLLER and it will work with your PC. I picked up my second controller used from a gamestop for like $15. And if you like any of the specialty controllers, or better yet already own some for your 360, you can just go ahead and sync them to use with your PC. As far as I know, you can't buy the wireless adapter by itself (unless you can find one used on ebay or something) so you still have to buy the first controller to get it.

    I haven't run across any game in the last 5 years that works with a gamepad that doesn't work well with the 360 controllers. In fact, lots of games use its button layout as the default, and it will show you the correct button/color in any on screen displays. You won't be disappointed, and I would find it really difficult to recommend any other gamepad.
  9. Personally I think buying an xbox 360 controller was one of the best purchases I made in long time. The list of console ports is ever rising so in my opinion your missing out not having one, I couldn't imagine playing something like batman or skyrim with mouse and keyboard anymore.

    The sensitivity , i.e. moving slower when just tapping it or running when pushing the stick all the way down, works as intended.

    In fact the only thing that will annoy you is when some games do not supported the controller even though they were console ports (looking at you mass effect 3! But eyefinity is awesome).

    Edit: I got the wired controller. I hate having things not work when you need it most and I don't have an xbox so couldn't even use it as a spare. Saved myself $10 toward steam sales :D
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