Intel Core i7-720QM or Core i5 450M

I'm gonna buy a new laptop, but got problems figuring out which one will perform better in games and generally?
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  1. Most games aren't optimized for quad cores,so a faster dual core performs better.However some games mostly RTS games benefit from a quad core CPU.
    As for general usage,if you mean web-surfing,watching vids... then there isn't a noticeable difference between them,however tasks like Image/Video editing/rendering benefit from a quad core CPU.
  2. Well, the choice is between two laptops. One with the i7 and the other one with the i5. The laptop with the i7 is 100$ cheaper though, with no difference other than the cpu.
  3. Like i said it depends on your needs,what games/apps do you run ?
  4. bad company 2, gta4 and assassins creed 2
  5. And apps ?
  6. nothing heavy, only skype and msn. :)
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    Then go with i5,it will give you more battery life and less heat too
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  9. Actually with those games get the i7, gta and bc2 both benefit heavily from quad cores.
  10. BC2 yes,but it will run fine on a dual core CPU.
    As for GTA IV,although it benefits from quad core,but its poorly optimized, so you can't expect great performance with either of those CPUs
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