Have you heard this yet?

Are you hearing that the debt ceiling needs to be raised, or all hell will break loose?
Are you hearing, if our pols dont raise it, the stock market will crash?
Have you heard if its not raised, itll dramically effect retirement plans, plans older US citizens, the ones who are most active politically, are most concerned about, due to their age?

Let me ask a question
Why would anyone lower credit on someone whos never had a late payment, ever?
Or, if that person doesnt get a raise, his credit goes down, automatically?

Thats the claims the media is throwing out, somewhat cryptically, tho, thats the thrust.
Maybe its time to quit dealing with people whod do this, and why were in the position we are today
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  1. The captain of the Titanic is primarily preoccupied with setting up the post-mortem crisis-management PR, in which He will try to switch the blame for all that is wrong with the economy on to the Republicans who wouldn't raise the debt ceiling. It is a game to manipulate the unaware younger voters and the ignorant to create a new bogeyman now that evoking President Bush no longer works. In the meantime, President Punk is mismanaging our economy and ought to be fired.

    Here's President Punk's thoughts on the debt limit in 2006, when he voted against increasing the ceiling.
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  4. OK, who said this? That dang Boehner?
    That pesky Minnesotan Bach?Rotten Ronny?
    The dreaded Bush clan?
    The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.

    Some people dont like links
  5. remember when i said the money was 'created' before it ever existed?
    it is true.
    that is what fiscal policies are.

    now to pay back that debt, it would be stupid to wait for it to come from people.
    it would take way too long, and other things would suffer.
    that creates the incentive for the government to create products, of all sorts, to be created under their materials and factorys .. only to be sold for a profit and put towards the debt that was created.

    why do you think the small businesses have been having such a terrible time staying in business?
    probably because the government cuts through all of the methods necessary to create a product that costs less than a single dollar, and then sell it for $40
    manufacturing costs are through the roof.. to say, things have grown more expensive at the material level because things are improving.
    but still..
    the cost of the product is a magnitude less.
    so cheap in fact, that sometimes the actual manufacturing cost is classified.
    10 cents for a keyboard.. hardly.
    the government was used to things costing cents, not dollars.
    and then selling those things for 50 - 100 - 1,000 times more.

    when you literally own the materials used, you dont have to buy a bag of dirt.
    you dont have to buy rods of metal.
    all things are generally made at a chemistry level.
    any 'wildest dream' of a business owner is to have the government come along and buy products from you.
    this does happen, because people deserve it, and because it helps get the job done MORE when there is a lack of robots to do it.

    the factories underground have robots that move in a nearly air-less atmosphere.
    if you looked through a window, the bots would show only what the subsonics show.
    as a matter of fact, things look like photographs in the window.
    and they gradually change over time.
    these bots are mutli-task capable.
    meaning, they dont do one thing and one thing only.
    they do everything their arms are suitable for.
    ALL of the motherboards for the next year could be created in a month.
    blistering fast? ... no, more like 'i knead oxygen'

    the stock market could crash if the government doesnt come to a compromise on the situation of nationwide retirement.
    it is in question as to whether the government wants to create and MAINTAIN the retirement benefits as a serious provider.
    to create the retirement/insurance company or dismantle it and say 'hey.. we did it too for a while'

    people are far too forgiving when it comes to business owners.
    they get all wrapped up in the managers or supervisors.
    those people are not putting all of the money into their pocket.. and they are not taking the money and spending it on something else.

    it is ALL a part of the government creating jobs for people who want to play with numbers.
    lots of people do it as a hobby.. to say, groups/mobs as well as cults play with numbers.
    they track what they can.. the government disembarks their efforts easily because the money gets deposited into an account.
    other money comes along to hide the deposit, usually from the stock market.
    since the stock market is under a classified contract, people who buy stocks are not generally allowed to know of such a contract.
    it simply states, we will take your money by lieing about the scores.
    if they go up, the government reserves the right to keep the number the same and make a deposit.
    and if you are one of the very lucky few, you will also be granted the right to lie about the score and make a deposit into your own personal account.
    what people dont understand is, people track the markets as much as they can.. so when the stock is expected to go up and doesnt.. anger happens because people dont get their money.
    generally.. stocks are ment for two things:
    1. you buy shares and wait for the value to increase and sell the shares for more than what you paid for them = profit
    2. you buy enough stock to become the owner, or at least a person who can have some say in the business (like vice-president of the company)

    the whole making a deposit from your stock doesnt happen often.
    the money from the stock market could go to another market (dow or nasdaq)
    and in that event, deposits are made to people and businesses.
    how these deposits happen?
    false reports of 'costs' are created.
    the incident doesnt happen at all, but appears to be legit on paper.

    technically.. there are three types of people in this world with the market.
    those that require a false report.
    those that dont require a false report.
    those that dont know about it at all.

    generally.. the cost of materials is inflated to add money to the final balance.
    the money that actually doesnt get spent on the materials, that money goes into the bank account of a person.
    mix these things together a bit and you can see how there truly is people with 'unlimited funds'
    here is the kicker..
    the government is willing to play a game with the consumer public.
    they will hide all transactions in an effort to reveal the truth from those who 'stalk' the system.
    anybody trying to follow stocks and gets upset when something 'should' happen, but doesnt.. it creates a chance for psychological evaluations to happen.
    the person might be a modest albert einstein.
    the person might be working very very hard without getting appreciated for that work.
    maybe they are offered a job.

    civilian status rules it all.
    if your status is low.. you could get money taken away from you and given to somebody with a higher civilian status.
    simply because that is the way the ethical law works.
    your status is EARNED.. you are not born into the highest forms.
    you could be born into a 'section' of civilian status.. but that is simply because the government knows what the family DNA is capable of.. and the government also knows the family is FUNCTIONALLY active.
    that means they are apart of the secret service or somehow affiliated with the government.
    lots of 'nobodys' own stock.
    it doesnt mean these people are in trouble.. it means they havent strived hard to achieve.
    they have been given a chance to achieve and failed.

    typically this means.. once you become successful once, you MUST look up and have another go at something else.
    generally, you should be keeping other things from the first success as a piece of you and your lifestyle.
    imagine a person that wants to know a dozen things.. and goes to college for each one, and then lives their life doing any of the 12 things on a regular basis.
    most people dont get ONE college degree.
    some get one degree.
    some get one and decided the degree was boring, and they go back to try and correct the first mistake.

    the chance doesnt even begin to start until you have 4 college degrees, and none of them are supposed to be completely abandoned without reason.
    and see..
    these people can earn a college degree in a week or a month.
    that is why you see the 'hours' listed for college courses.
    the material you learn can be taught by an individual instructor (much more involved than private schooling, more like home schooling).
    generally the person is walked through the course from start to finish, and it costs money to do this too!
    all of the questions that come up are answered, and then there is notes to take home and practice.
    generally you will be required to meet with the instructor (or somebody else who already has a degree.. kinda like a drivers license) and you have to pass the test.
    pass the test and you get the degree.. come with more questions and the degree waits until you pass the test.

    these things cost like $70,000 - $300,000 (ranging from a certificate to an actual college degree)
    maybe the prices are a bit higher.
    it all boils down to being affiliated with the government.
    there are contracts that are classified and not allowed to be spoken about when you leave the place.
    it happens in private parties, sometimes known as 'political forums'
    generally.. these have many different names.
    the whole thing is a party that could last a week, a month, or half of one of the four seasons.
    where they happen depends on many factors.
    the most important secrets that are expected to happen for the entire duration of the party are sent off to some deserted building.
    could be above ground.. could be underground.
    some serious talk here, that the magnitude doesnt have to happen often.

    major political moves only happen once very 20 or 30 years.. and the duration of the move lasts a long time.
    that is when world leaders, political powers, and all of the highest walks of life get together to do their law maker thing.
    what you see on television is the 'entertainment' that comes from those gatherings.
    as i have said before, people dont vote for what is right when the matter is classified or top-secret.
    if there is extra money to be spent by your local government, you always have the chance to bring up an event that proves to be of more importance than what was previously planned.
    the world is a predetermined system, and it goes all the way to preventing the world from destruction.
    political moves are reviewed by ethical judges, sometimes with the help of mathematicians - depending on who is judging or what is being judged.
    these are not the same as the highest supreme courts.
    the system goes way beyond the amount of respect those courts earn.
    all of the top-secret tools are always readily available and can be seen by anybody in the party (heart conditions seperate).
    the supreme court only reviews evidence from such top-secret tools when the source can be faked.

    i mean really think about it.
    how does a government go into debt without spending money that isnt there?
    that is the main form of the idiocy that it revolves around.
    to say, where they got the money.. and who it is supposed to be payed back to.
    a lot of stupid nonsense that keeps the general consumers entertained.
    it is something to air on the television, and people who are involved are obviously of some type of respect.. as they are affiliated with the government somehow.
    could be direct contact.. and it could be the 'manager' or 'supervisor' who has the instructions and keeps the plan going.

    people are supposed to get upset and hunt down who knows what.
    that is all a big waste of emotional energy when you could be working on your next college degree and earning some discounts or grants for a project to make more profit.

    it is absolutely true that the government depends on financial assistance.
    they get in the game themselves, and learn about everybody else while they are doing it.
    to say you own a business and everybody is snitching on anybody that needs snitching on.
    kinda like being a neighborhood watch person while doing your own thing.
    that is a structure of government secret service.
    money is flowing everywhere.. as if the sky was raining money.

    it gets boring after a while.
    because you learn that the cost of materials are up for a profit for somebody.
    could be the government debt, or it could be some other business owner.
    that makes things difficult only because people dont spend their time always making money.
    they try to create a business that somebody else can be at the register and get paid a low hourly wage.
    that isnt how it happens.
    you gotta be doing one thing this part of the day, and if there is time left.. doing something else from a different college degree.
    working an hourly job is not of the highest class.
    it is being a jack of many trades, and going from person to person (or business to business) and doing the things you went to school for.
    it doesnt mean doing the same college degree everyday.

    the job market is pathetic at the pay rates.
    the minimum wage isnt enough to support people with the cost of food and other things.
    and you cant be any person off the street to accomplish the multi-tasking.
    you need a real passion to get involved and ask questions.. and you have to deserve the answer too.
    simply because you have done no wrong doesnt make you deserving.
    you have to do a lot of positive things too.
    and usually, when the high class talk about it..
    you cant do positive things for one person at a time, definitely not the small people who have family and friends that never actually do something that screams loud enough for the industry to take notice.

    you gotta patch things for a business.
    help a person within a business that translates to helping the business, that translates to helping the customers.
    this alone can get you in good with the local government.
    and the industry will tell you, there is no point trying to go beyond the local government.. as the bigger government already knows it all already.
    you would be lucky to see somebody from the big government come along as if a celebrity.
    perhaps they are taking the roll of judge, or they are giving advice on a situation.. usually because there is either trouble or confusion.

    you dont have to help a business that is associated with the government for the local government to pay attention.
    depends on how well the local government listens to their civilians.
    sometimes you can make your way to the local government through the local police.
    if there is a power of attorney available and willing to talk to you.. you could express how you feel and get rewarded for the right answers.
    the more you try, the more attention you will get.
    these are POLICIES put in place to keep the world from going into chaos and riots.
    and it all boils down to 'being on the hunt' and catching bad things before they happen.
    catching bad things before they get worse.

    there are simply too many people in the world to expect everybody to get the same level of respect.
    there are NOT too many chances to get involved to better yourself.
    you could go to college and work an hourly job and that is the end.
    you could fight and fuss in college to prove your passion.. but if the teacher isnt affiliated with the government, you probably wont make a major impact.
    that is what makes the internet powerful.. you could write an article or blog and get the attention that way.
    generally.. that is what popular forums are for.
    you speak your thing in a forum and somebody affiliated with the government is bound to come along and report you for excessive achievement.

    i see my view of the internet as a jail cell.
    turn on the television and see another jail cell.
    turn on a video game and another jail cell.
    try to get a job and another jail cell.
    feels like i am being prosecuted in all of these things.
    i cant even go outside without thinking everybody begging for attention is not affiliated with the government.

    about the money..
    it will get paid back as the government earns it themselves.
    for that to happen.. the economic industry has to continue receiving money from consumers who spend their money.
    it isnt going too good for the economy.
    as it is, lots of people already have a new television.. and the rest is trash, so there is no incentive to spend.
    all they can do is wait for things to break.. to force people to buy new things.
    what created the category is the only thing that is going to keep the category going.
    that is why entertainment is the NUMBER ONE most important thing no this planet right now.
    and generally, it always has been.. since it keeps people out of trouble.
    if the entertainment industry keeps treating us poorly.. the government will be forced to shove their way into the food industry.
    people always have to eat, and i believe they already have their hand in that with the preservatives and other ingrediants.

    if the president wants to demand the debt get a payment.. it will have to come from somewhere.
    probably provided as a joke, as long as the money from all of their businesses hasnt been spent.

    think about the electronics industry and the need to keep it safe.
    the only way to do that is to be one step ahead of the criminal to know what is possible and what isnt possible.
    that gives them the right to not only design the computers, but also create them and sell them for a profit.
    same thing with cell phones.
    the internet needs to be secure, as well as the wireless networks.

    the audio video industry has also had its boom.
    meaning the government should have also had their hand in those two categories too.
    the only way to sell speakers is to make them sound as if they are worth buying.
    lots of stupidity from people who dont care, or dont know how much better it could be.
    most people think the system is going to cost at least $10,000.
    that isnt the case at all.
    and some people stop saving up after $2,000 for speakers.
    gotta make 'em sound like there is a game to be played, otherwise people will sniff the trash and keep walking.

    the 'go green' for energy efficiency had the governments hand in it.
    since the government could teach designers how to make their products use less energy.. they made instant profit.
    seems like everything is rolled out now, and all there is to do is wait for the money to keep pouring in.

    i prefer to help the audio and video industry.
    not only does it need help.. it offers a reward when you are successful.
    most people come across a pair of speakers that sound 'better' than what they have heard before.
    they really have no idea that those upgrades are like a broken leg off of a chair in a house with lots of furniture.
    if they really wanted to, they could make the comparison to be a broken leg off of a chair in a warehouse full of furniture.

    a lot of dissapointment could happen with all of the minor differences and wanting things to all line up and exist.
    some serious customizing can also occur.
    not many speakers sound 'real' yet.
    and if they wanted to color the speakers for a specific timbre.. it wont happen.
    people who know are already involved and wont tolerate it.
    you could always change the different resonant frequencies for whatever atmosphere the customer wants.
    this was already done with car audio subwoofers.
    lots of different resonant frequencies.
    from the muddy belching to the overly-hyper not loud enough.

    not all business owners live in the same city as the business.
    and not all businesses are owned by an actual person.

    i just dont see how people cannot grasp the amount of money flowing with the number of people in the world.
    today i counted the capacitors on a broken soundcard.
    i thought to myself 'that looks like about 20 or 30'
    as it turns out.. there was 47 capacitors on the board.
    no way in hell did i think there would be 50 capacitors on that board when i looked at it.
    i said 'maybe 30' and it was 'almost 50'
    missing 20 happens with tax money on an every single day occasion.

    all people see is their hourly wage and no time to do anything else when they are at the job.
    a whole lot of education at home needs to happen before the child turns 18.
    you cant raise children to 'go to college when you grow up'
    because you will be in the same boat, making an hourly wage with no time left to do anything else.
    go get yourself more than one college degree and freelance yourself.
    then.. if you choose the wrong college degrees, you wont get any business.
    and for that, you simply get what you deserve.
  6. badge it is a deal.

    His niece dated my son (the muso) for a while ...He lives here in Perth (North of the River).

    He was a school teacher ... nice guy ... not up himself at all.

    I like the "Santa" song the most.
  7. Obama's threat about the Social Security checks is kind of strange.

    On paper, the SS Trust Fund is solvent for now. The problem is that there is no SS lockbox. The SS funds get dumped in the general revenue funds. Then the SS Trust Fund gets an IOU.

    Of course, earlier this year, the administration was threatening soldiers' pay.
  8. At least some of you old folks will get SS. Screwing us young folk.
  9. i dont comprehend retirement.
    to me, once you start.. you keep going until something physically stops you from doing it.
    and even then, you could setup some type of consultation from home and have people pay for your words of experience.
    thanks to the internet, these things are possible again.
    you dont have to worry about the local community becoming uninterested when the rest of the nation could still want answers.

    i think it boils down to the whole going to college for one degree, and then doing that degree for such a long time you get bored and tired.
    confusing a vacation with retirement happens quite a lot.
    i know throughout my time, i have heard about people who went into retirement and then went back to work when they were like 70 years old.
    if things were done right the first time, you wouldnt feel the need to take a break.
    doing the same thing for 30 or 40 years can get really old.
    i believe that to be true.
    but it is within the principle of doing one thing and one thing only for your whole life.

    it appears to me people will do something for 30 years, go into retirement and take some college course to learn something else, and then hardly use their new education at all.
    they continue with their new education like a kid in a candy store.
    as they ponder the new things, they sit around and wait for more information to absorb.
    rather than getting out there and making themselves useful.. they are laying back and having their questions answered.

    to me.. this is the same as having a day off from work and playing on google all day.
    asking it questions and learning things as you go.
    absorbing information from other people who have the work experience.
    it is observing, not participating.. and they will pay to go to college for the quick receiving of the information.

    doing all of your planning towards the end of your life is not going to give you any time to actually do it.
    that is why i think it is a lot better to hold back and gather your plans for your future when you are young.
    get all of your interests planned out, and give them a priority, then go with it like a schedule.
    with all of the time you took to decide, you would think those things you are going to be doing will make you happy.
    in the event that you have to wait a little bit because you are busy doing something.. at least you are having some fun.

    i think retirement is for two things:
    1. you are somehow ill and cannot go on.
    2. you didnt give yourself the direction you needed to keep up the pace.
    life is what you make of it, until somebody or some thing gets in the way.
    not enough preperation alotted in the time before you turned age 18 and left your parents house.
    this is the economies fault because they are spinning and twirling products rather than futures.
    it really does take a long time to find out what interests you, especially if you dont feel like getting involved with products.
    sure, you could see the products and tend to an industry because those products make you happy.
    and these products have proven to be computers or the audio video industry.
    nobody is going to say 'i will become a chemist and make better products than what is currently available'
    you latch onto something like this and you eventually learn there is no sympathy in the field of chemistry.
    they already know how to do it, they dont want or need your help because it is the government that says what can be put on the shelves and what cant.
    so after all that time you learn chemistry isnt it, and all of the energy you built up now has to be swallowed.
    if you really wanted to make the products better, you would learn what it takes to fight the government to make those products available.
    and then you realize if you win the fight, there is nothing left to do.. and that makes the whole thing pointless.
    you set out to do one thing and the rest of your life is in ruins.
    this can take three years or something to capture and learn.
    and of course you could ask your parents for the answer more quickly.. but if you are driven by passion, that makes you stubborn and it is harder to let things go.

    it is true, you shouldnt be worrying about college right away.
    you really shouldnt be saying it, because people dont bite down and search for what they want to do.
    my parents always told me 'dont worry about college for right now.. just decide what you want to do'
    and i looked at the industry and seen everything complete.
    product after product was already on my lap or on the store shelves ready to be bought.
    made me think i had to be an inventor.

    the economy isnt helping people learn about what they can do for their future.
    you could look at all of the classes available for college, and as a child you would be intimidated by adult responsibility theory.
    you could even get a list of what there is to do, and have no idea what the college degree goes in depth about.. as well as not having any idea of whether or not the position after graduation is solid.

    i think you are supposed to take the most solid positions and match them with what is fun for you.
    when that fails, you need to determine what is fun (with absolutely no experience might i add) and see how many of those you could combine together to form an entire month or year of work.
    i was told this too.. and had no experience to know what would be fun.
    all i knew was that i enjoyed being outside, but could clearly see other people didnt enjoy it the same.
    not much you can do when you are forced to deal with other people's stress, and try to cling to the sky as your only escape from the stress.
    and if you think twice about it, you realize the people sharing their stress with you isnt going to help you be productive.
    it is going to drag you down and cause your work to become tedious.
    i remember quite clearly, simply interacting with other people felt tedious.
    and i was getting straight A's in school.. so i knew it couldnt be any fault of mine.
    as that made it feel like i was walking around in white and people were dripping stains on my outfit.
    a dirty outfit is not one of self-respect.
    and to say that i needed to dress the part, to be fully prepared for getting dirty.. i knew then that i couldnt continue a healthy stride because people would be dragging me down.

    so you run away from that situation..
    and you see in the distance the opportunity to give up on 'dreams' or 'plans' by going to work at some fast food place.
    you quickly realize there is no future for you there, since you would have all of your time tied down to something stupid.
    it isnt of any of your hobbies, and that makes it a chore.
    you know you dont want to spend your whole life doing chores.. so you run away from that situation.
    and that is how you feel trapped and cornered before ever becoming a teenager.
    you look up from this and there is nobody communicating a way out.
    there were people put in place that did a mighty fine job of expressing views that were not of your own, simple procrastinating is what it felt like.
    made me dislike anybody of a counseling nature.. since they didnt have anything to say that suited me.
    i learned people could talk for an hour and not say much of anything.
    kinda like saying right from wrong, but everybody is expected to know those already.. and the whole concensus is a total miss for your selfish wants/desires.
    to say that there was attempts to mold you into something.
    and then getting upset because the list of molds where not anything close to what your wants/desires/views are.
    i couldnt get a private lesson to save my life.
    all chances and attempts were far-fetched.. meaning they were far away from where i was, and nothing was hitting close to home.
    every time they tried to walk you through something it was like they were giving you a tour of the house, but you havent even made it into the neighborhood, much less than walking through the front door to be inside the house to follow the tour guide.

    i find it quite simple.
    if you have no reason to be in the neighborhood, you have no reason to be inside the house.
    nobody ever talked me into being interested in the neighborhood.
    a huge chain of events that didnt add up because there was major voids in the sequence of events.
    the person is supposed to ask where you would like to be located, and if there are no open availabilities.. you should be talking about a neighborhood that does have an open availability.
    passing along all of the good reasons to be in that neighborhood until you find one that 'tastes good'
    then you start looking at the individual houses available in the neighborhood you choose.

    these are steps necessary to promote healthy growth of a nation.
    and if done correctly, could put an end to a lot of problems with people being unhappy.
    if they choose their plans for work better, they become a happy person at work.. and that could lead to getting more done.
    at least putting an end to early retirement.
    you have to be raised from a baby correctly.
    a lack of vibrancy leads to an economy that isnt vibrant.
    and when that happens long enough, what does rise to becoming vibrant?
    seems like most people are complaining about time and how the government is doing things.
    and that means my area is logical.
    but weak and lazy when they dont fight to make things right for themselves.
    why give up and become a problem to other people?

    finances are nothing more than how you choose to spend your time.
    you are lucky to have fun and make a lot of money.
    otherwise one of two things is going to happen:
    1. you have fun anyways and dont make as much
    2. you choose not to have fun because the job pays more (meaning more money and very little time to spend it on something that IS fun)

    i like to think people choose option number 2 way too often.
    i mean think about it, how many people are running around saying 'we work hard for our money'
    the point is proven based on the statement.
    they chose to have no fun at work for more money (totally greedy decision) and when they take money away, people complain that they dont have the money for when it is time for them to go out and have fun with the money they make at their higher paying jobs.
    these people are punks, and a huge problem in the industry.
    whining comes from not being happy.. and not everybody whines every single time they are not happy.
    it usually comes from being not happy for a while, and then something happens that throws sadness over the top.
    my mother has always said 'you have nobody to blame but yourself'

    here i am 28 years old and been without work for 10 years.
    i tried to get off the system and work a job that would make me happy.
    i went to all of the places that would allow me a really fun employee discount, and all of them have told me no.
    seems like there is nothing left for me to do except take a job with higher pay for the lack of fun, and become more angry and more bitter as a daily source of revitalizing.
    i dont wish that anybody drinks unhealthy dirty water simply because they are too lazy to find a way to better the water before they drink it.

    i dont want to be the person who hates waking up because they hate their job, and then hating themselves because they didnt have any fun at work, and also hating themselves because they have no free time to play.
    what do you think is going to happen?
    i go to work and talk to another employee all day to have some fun because the job stinks?
    you dont get anything done while you are talking, and that means you get fired, and that means you have wasted your time from the start.

    i have a whopping $55 to spend each month.
    the state agency said they could help me go to school instead of get a job, but what about when i am not in school?
    the money for school supplies appears to be non-existant.
    and the money for a break when i need it is completely not there.
    if i run into the situation and get stressed out, i have nothing to clear my head.
    that means i start doing bad in school.. and if i dont get good grades, i cant be recommended for a job.
    and if i dont get recommended for a job.. that means i wasted 4 years of my life torturing myself, and will be tortured some more when i try to persue my college degree.
    people are going to say 'well you didnt get very good grades, you dont deserve to be here'
    'you have proven to be stupid, we cannot put our trust into such circumstances'

    nothing you can do with $55 per month.
    and nothing you can do with $100 per month.
    you lock yourself in a cage and hope that nothing happens that is going to require money.
    i havent had a new toy that pleases me in a very long time.
    i am sick and tired of being told to go without toys and become a degenerate.
    everybody has a need to do something outside of their main focus.
    it keeps their mental and emotional health in balance.
    mine is being obliterated, and the government as well as the local industry is providing the grief.

    this is when people would choose to go into retirement?
    obviously their mental and emotional health would have something to do with it.
    neglect is the problem.
  10. Oldmangamer_73 said:

    The repubs are acting like a bunch of pansies that have no power. Grow a spine! sheesh!

    this goes along with what i said in the above post.
    to prevent these problems from happening, the industry needs to help people get started in life.
    seems like the only thing that is provided for already is going to school.
    and that isnt going very well either.
    people who dont realize their school is pathetic, they send their kids there anyways because it is the law.
    cant afford to change school districts, and a big mess begins.

    if the government would stop flaunting about how everything in science is secretly done, maybe they would stop celebrating long enough to raise a child.
    but since they have been celebrating, they have proven to be unfit parents.

    my post above actually goes into detail about how the parents are being unfit.
    a good read if you dont know it already.
  11. Ratings agency Moody’s on Monday suggested the United States should eliminate its statutory limit ongovernment debt to reduce uncertainty among bond holders.
    The United States is one of the few countries where Congress sets a ceiling on government debt, which creates “periodic uncertainty” over the government’s ability to meet its obligations, Moody’s said in a report.
    “We would reduce our assessment of event risk if the government changed its framework for managing government debt to lessen or eliminate that uncertainty,” Moody’s analyst Steven Hess wrote in the report.

    Should we think like this? At all?
    I can think of many in Washington that do, and would love this
  12. that's silly.
    it says the government will wait for new product demand to arise, even if that means waiting for new people to be born for them to grow up and buy the same products that have been on sale already.

    if you walk around town and see teenagers out and about, they will be next in line to move out of their parents house and purchase an LCD television or computer or some other piece of 'fun' that the government has their hand in.

    among product categories, increased products on the shelves (and people buying the extra things) results in more taxes being paid for the purchases.

    i suppose i dont 'switch-up' .. i just laugh.
    there is some serious significance about the products available and the want/desire to own those things.

    i find it difficult to go out into a store and have a look around to finding something on the shelf that brings me to say 'i will buy this and bring it home because it looks like something of worth, interest, or productivity improvement'

    lots of people have a spoon to stir their food as it cooks, and if you are like me who cant afford the more expensive options.. you would go back and buy a spoon that is more comfortable or stylish.
    certainly not worth buying new silverwear when the junk you currently own hasnt completely broken yet.
    however, if the spoons aren't big enough to hold the amount of milk i want per each bite.. that is certainly misfitting.
  13. Theyre saying, yes, pay your bills, but, stop all the spending.
    So, raising taxes can go on and on, no debt ceiling whatsoever?
    No, stop and lower the spending
  14. Now, take this

    OK, who said this? That dang Boehner?
    That pesky Minnesotan Bach?Rotten Ronny?
    The dreaded Bush clan?

    "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better."

    and add this

    And the facts are, she knows whats been said
    Race baiting, maybe she should sit in the back... of the car?
  15. There are two of 'em.

    July 13, 2009. Obama speaks at a rally for ObamaCare, and in response to a question, claims that his plan won't "pull the plug on Grandma." Hear it here:

    Two years later, almost to the day.

    July 12, 2011. Obama threatens to withhold Social Security checks if a debt deal isn't done by the Treasury's artificial deadline of August 2. He told CBS News' Scott Pelley: "I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it," he said. Hear it here:

    In two short years, he's gone from being unwilling to "pull the plug on Grandma" to being willing to starve her to death.

    He moves fast. Next, he'll be coming for you.
  16. Gee, the left isnt lying.
    They dont want to spend any money without taxing us more....
    Such swell guys
    So, have we heard this before?
  17. I guess one has to conclude, the difference is, one side wants us to pay more for....more?
    While the other wants us to pay for whats already spent, and cut what we can, these mean, heartless (at this point, I would say, "throw grandma under the bus", but starving is in favor nowadays) starving their own grandmothers, irresposible conservatives.

    This doesnt look good
  18. 800 billion. The captain of the titanic has increased the national debt nearly four trillion in two and half years and is waving his pom pon's for more.

    Reid in 2006.

    “Why is it right to increase our nation's dependence on foreign creditors?” Reid said on March 16, 2006. “Democrats won't be making an argument to support this legalization, which will weaken our country.”

    Obama has never intended to to cut spending. Federal spending has historically been between 18% and 20% of GDP. Obama has bloated it to a staggering 24%, with spending levels climbing to an eye-popping and bankrupcy-tempting 25%.

    Obama has been arguing for tax increases as a fig leaf for his refusal to cut spending. He also needs those tax increases for another reason: to make his huge welfare state and 25% of GDP spending levels permanent.

    Steve Wynn should be shocked. I am and if you ain't you are a fewl.
  19. Generally, it varies much more than a household, plus the revenues arent consistant, thus controls over you and me and business et al
    Its simply there to make their jobs easier
    Raise taxes, give yourself a raise for your household.
    Spent too much? Raise taxes
    Times are slow? Low revenues? Raise taxes
    What happens when times are good?
    Like a household, they spend and spend, and no one notices because...times are good
    When they arent, raise taxes, gain controls of more money thru voodoo taxing that they do, you know, the normal hoo doo.
    Smoking is bad, tax it.
    Eating is bad, tax it
    Who screams the most when theres tax shelters?
    Those awful churches
    Those awful community helpers
    They have their eye on all of it, it makes their job easier
    They get re elected by spending those "revenues" by fools thatre thakful to them by spending their own money, what a deal
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