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Win8 starts, but my USB ports are not installed, so no mouse or keyboard. Mouse/KB works during startup of Win8, but not at the end. Unable to do anything at all. No restore point available. Next step to start from 0 and install Win7? (And stay away from Win8)
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  1. I did manage to add the safe mode start up option, but with no mouse/kb, I have no way to choose that option of course.
  2. try another usb port? USB ports get messed some times.
  3. In the desktop move your curser to the bottom left screen till you see the start menu. second click and pick what system program you want. Run, command prompt, control panel is all there.
    Hope I helped a bit
  4. Thanks dyno. I did try all the USB ports, i.e. front, top, back. All "dead". And I can't move the cursor as no mouse/keyboard are functional. However, I was thinking it is something witrh the mobo based USB ports. I know I have an old USB card somewhere. I'll look for it, install it, and hopefully it'll work with the mouse so I can reinstall the needed (Radeon) software. So frustrating because the USB is working almost to the end. As soon as Windows is loaded; boom, USB dead.
    I'll go and look for the old card now ;-)
  5. No PCI slot vacant. Only PCI Express. Outta luck. Dang "progress". I'll have to wait until my SSD arrives, then do a brand new install of Win7....
  6. going by the thread title alone...

    open start menu... type "msconfig"... search will automatically pop up... make sure you're searching 'apps' (default) and not 'settings'

    oh yeah... and the startup tab's been moved to the task manager - but it'll redirect you.

    straight to task manager - 'ctrl + shift + escape', or 'ctrl + alt + delete' like everybody else in the world.
  7. flossbandit said:
    going by the thread title alone...

    "open start menu... "

    I had no UI. No mouse, no keyboard.
    So, unfortunately, I was not:
    like everybody else in the world.

    [sarcasm] Gotta love your sarcasm. [/sarcasm]
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