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I'm looking to buy a Netbook for hiking and biking around.

My basic criteria, roughly in order of decreasing priority:

Longest Battery Life Possible*
Metal Exterior
High Durability
90/95% keyboard (9" to 10"?)
Arch Linux

If I have this, I can keep it in a large pant pocket or small bag for when inspiration strikes me or I want to watch porn. Or both.

*I want real battery life. Will replace original battery with 2 9 cell batteries rigged in parallel.
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  1. To each their own when it comes to using a netbook/laptop/computer.

    Check this one out:
  2. 90% of all netbooks out are identical and there's not much variation, though ASUS are leading the pack in terms of battery life and longevity. Check them out.
  3. Get an A-PAD
  4. Update: Got a 1005HA for budget and battery, $187 on ebay.
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