Need a good Microphone

Hello all, looking for some suggestions when it comes to a new microphone.
I'd like something that is either bluetooth or desktop, no headsets please, I'm not a big fan of them.
Something with decent background noise cancellation so I can talk to my friends while gaming and not have the game noise interfere.

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  1. Im in the same predicament as you man! Need one really bad for Red Orchastra, Battlefield etc.
  2. Hey everyone,

    Thanks for sharing your valuable suggestion, if you want to give really a good surprise,There is actually a big difference. There is even a difference between singing into a condenser mic at the studio and a dynamic microphone live. A Dynamic mic gets exponentially softer the farther you are from it. Its design eliminates feedback in a live environment.

    Dainard Jackson

    Server Cabinet
  3. Hey, got this one and no noise

    Advanced digital USB: Experience superior sound clarity with the simplicity of a single USB plug-and-play connection.
    Noise-canceling microphone: Filters out unwanted background noise.
    Power switch: Illuminates when microphone is active.
    Adjustable microphone: Pivots on base to hold preferred position.
    Eight-foot shielded cord: Gives you more desktop flexibility.
    Mute switch on base: Instant and easy muting.
    Weighted base: Adds stability.
    8-foot shielded cord with USB connector
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