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Despite the quick boot that I get with my SSD i am unable to begin using my PC immediately after the boot completes. When the desktop appears I see all the icons fully loaded, but then they suddenly become white files and will slowly load back for about 10-15 seconds. During this time I am unable to click on any of the icons and use the programs. Most of them are shortcuts, is the OS reconnecting the file paths? It's obviously not that bad, but it is a tad inconvenient. Will reducing the number of shortcuts on my desktop reduce this, and are there any other fixes? Thanks!
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  1. This can be normal but it should go faster with an SSD. Where are all these programs installed though? If there are some programs installed in a secondary HDD that will slow the loading a bit.
  2. yep, secondary storage drive. Will removing some shortcuts help at all?
  3. Open msconfig. inthat startup option deselect non microsoft softwares click apply and ok .restart.now the problem is cured. to open msconfig : press windows key + r key u get run commend box in that type msconfig then click ok.
  4. Removing the desktop links won't change anything; as hytecgowthaman noted you need to prevent these from starting at Windows startup.
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