what Motherboard for Fx-55 I AM GOING CRAZY!!!

Hello, i am new on these forums and i wish to make a purchase but not without the expert advice from my peers.

I wish to buy a Fx-55 Processor as in this link (from newegg)

I also wish to buy some memory for it ( 1 gig really ((i do NOT want or plan to overclock)) ) what i want to know is what motherboard can and SHOULD i use. it is very important that i know i have looked into the MSI NEo2 Platium board. But i already have a video card ( ATI x800 PRO 256DDR. i need to know what i should use motherboard wise PLEASE. i want to use the NEO2 platium but what sucks is it has that Nforce3 chipset, and i do not know if it will conflict with my current VIdeo card. Please help me i want a asus or MSI any help i would love ( also RAM suggestions wouldn't hurt either) i do not have a spare 64 bit chip laying around either www.newegg.com is where i shop but i am open to a place where i can get a good mobo for that CPU danke
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  1. Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP-939 is a good one, if ya kant wait for nforce4 boards to hit the shelves.

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  2. If your X800 pro is AGP you have to go with nForce 3 (better then VIA K8T800). The nForce 4 will probably only come out with PCI express videoinetrfaces. I have the NEO2 and I'm happy with it.

    Why an FX55 it's just to expensive to jsutify it's slightly higgher performance.

    Anyway if you've got enough cash buy the OCZ platinum rev2 pc3200. (or other LL ram based on samsung tccd (best for A64). The other best ram for A64 is Crucial ballistix LL pc3200 ram (ll means timings of 2-2-2)

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  3. Are you Sure that the FX-55 will work with the MSI neo2 platium ?? its not a fx53 thats the reason Nforce4 from what i understand WILL be PCI express and the card i have is AGP so my quesion to you is Can i buy the NEO2platium MSI board and the FX55 (link in my first post) and some ram and just boot the abbay up without having to flash the board with a Fx53 to work ( i do not have another 64 bit chip) i heard that the Asus deluxe boards need to be flashed any word on that i cannot find anything on it.

    Also i just want to know if my ATI card's proformacne will be somewhat hindered if i get a board with Nforce3 ( built in graphics)
  4. I dont think you can get an nforce3 board with onboard graphics. FYI, just because the chipset maker also makes graphics cards, that does not mean all of thier chipsets include integrated graphics. The neo2 does not, nor does the gigabyte board Rich suggested. Of those two boards, people have been having fewer problems with the gigabyte board.
    Ati graphics cards work very well on nforce chipsets. The X800 will work great on nforce boards.
    The fx chip will boot on either of those boards, though you may have to flash the bios to get it to be recognized.
  5. It will work.

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