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I have bought: OCZ Vertex 3 128GB SATA3 6GB/s 2.5" Solid State Drive (SSD), Read: 550MB/s, Write: 500MB/s (VTX3-25SAT3-128G) yesterday. I had a 2TB HDD and wanted to switch the HDD to the new SSD I've bought.

I have tried installing Windows 7 from the DvD and USB. I've tried copying over my entire HDD to my SSD using a program. I've plugged my SSD into port 0. It keeps saying in the end: "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press and key"

I don't really know what to do anymore... I paid 113$ for this on sale, brand new and I can't even get it to work. Someone help me?

Nothing is wrong with the DvD or USB, used it to install Windows tons of times.
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  1. unplug your hdd, install to ssd from usb or dvd, then when its installed go into bios and select ssd as first boot device, make sure its working, plug hdd in, go into bios and make sure youre booting from ssd first and hdd second, try booting again.
  2. Did what you said, didn't work. It doesn't want to load from the USB or DvD. Nothing is wrong with any of them.
  3. is it bringing up the windows setup screen or just telling you to insert bootable medium? did you set the bios to boot from usb or dvd first?
  4. When installing from the USB, I put it as "Removeable Device" then my SSD afterwards. When trying to install from the DvD, I do it from "CD&DVD". The installation screen wouldn't even come up for any of them. My friend said that my BIOs last update was 2002. So it's the old version.
  5. even without a drive in there you should at least get the windows setup screen
    what model is your motherboard? if its really 2002, well, it might be time for an upgrade and not of the hard drive variety
  6. I have a SSD too and 2 HDD`s with 1TB each.
    I followed this guide and works like a charm !
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