No audio coming from xbox 360 through my surround sound?


I just bought 50' samsung plasma tv, it has 3 HDMI in ports. i have a bluray/surround sound system, a satellite receiver box, and my xbox 360, and a HDMI switch box. theres a HDMI port on the bluray player, satellite receiver, and xbox that im assuming are HDMI out. the HDMI switch box has one out port and 4 in ports. how can i set this up to get surround sound on all of the items? i swear i have tried everything and i can get the surround sound to work on the satellite receiver and bluray player by having the audio component cables (red and white) plugged into the bluray player to the satellite receiver.
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  1. First, if you are using the red & white RCA cables for audio, that is simply analog stereo, no digital, no surround.

    Second, ideally, your A/V receiver is your hub, with multiple HDMI inputs and one output that goes to your display....the A/V takes the audio from multiple input sources and passes on the video to the display

    Of course if your A/V receiver doesn't have multiple inputs then that is not an option and you have to look at alternatives.

    There may be a way to get this setup in such a way that you don't have to consistently swap cables whenever you swap input devices but to determine of that is the case, specific details on your equipment would be required. Make and model numbers of your Blu-Ray/Surround System, TV and HDMI switcher at a minimum.

    Alternately, buy a mid-range HDMI switching A/V receiver. You can get one with some entry level speakers (which you may want to upgrade at a later date) for pretty darn cheap and it would make this whole nightmare just go away.

    The problem is you need to input multiple audio devices to a sound system that is really not ideal for such an application.
  2. Wait....why aren't you just using the AV reciever as a hub?
  3. i dont have a A/V receiver. all of my surround sound is coming from my 5.1 samsung blu-ray home theater system. i have a hdmi switch box, 4 in, 1 out. theres a hdmi going from the TV to the out slot on the switch box. a hdmi from the blu-ray to the switch. hdmi from my directv receiver to the switch box and then a hdmi from my xbox to the switch box. audio component cable from directv receiver to the blu-ray and it allows surround sound for the tv, then when i want to watch dvd's i switch the box to the blu-ray player and i get surround sound. but when i switch to the xbox theres no surround sound, only sound from the tv, and when the directv receiver is still on theres still audio from that.
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