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Ive recently turned to pc gaming, and i noticed a big difference in my sound compaired with console
I used to hears 5.1 perfectly, but on pc its the front 3 speakers are load but the rear ones are barely noticable
I tried configuring it but it only allows my choose stereo

I have my pc hooked up to a 32" lg tv via hdmi, my HM system is plugged into the headphone jack on my tv.
The only output on the sound system are hdmi and the red white and yellow ports. I use the white and red to connect to my tv
How can change this to surround?
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  1. Usually the red and white rca cables don't support surround (unless the content you are usually have Pro Logic II...even then). What kind of soundcard does your PC have?
  2. Just the reltek audio built into the motherboard, but my sounds works through my graphics card. Msi tf3 7950
  3. Anyone?
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