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I recently bought a new pc for gaming and video editing. I love playing BF3 and other FPS games, but the experience is not the best when I only have a pair of sh*tty stereo speakers. So I have decided to buy a pair of headphones for gaming. I want to have surround sound, but I'm not sure if I am going to buy headphones with virtual or real 5.1 surround. What would be the best for gaming and watching movies once in a while? I don't have a budget higher than $100. If I am going for virtual I think of buying the Logitech G35 or the Corsair 1500. If I am going to buy real 5.1 headphones I will buy the Roccat Kave or the CM Storm Sirus. All these four are on sale where I will buy them.
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  1. if you're a half game / half movie watcher, I'd normally say go for a good stereo headset so you can do both, but since you're a big FPS guy you'll want really good positional audio.

    surround sound in closed ear headsets is tricky as it is, and unless you plan to be using a good mixamp i'd go for the g35 or corsair 1500. if you can spend a bit more you might wanna consider the razer megalodon.

    happy gaming :)
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