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I'm not sure what I need the beginning of November I bought a Toshiba 23 inch desktop i7 16 GB 1 TB it broke down the first 48 hours. But I like the system so much I had it replaced. It does have Windows 7 and it and I bought some software called fix-it utilities which apparently is way better than any of the other ones that are out in the movies and stuff like that I just don't want to spend any more money on software I put dragons NaturallySpeaking software I am disabled I did a lot of damage to my spine and my right side of my body and of course I'm right-handed so spent about $300 of software to make it easier for me to use the computer. Now looking for software that won't cost me anything that's all about having fun like free Internet television I don't know how to download movies on this there's no software or paperwork explaining anything about Toshiba there was no extra software when it got done setting up I had a garbage can that's it and I'm having a little bit of a problem with that I spent $1335 for this I could've bought a $600 laptop in a Woody gave me $800 with the software I don't understand and I really stuck it out for this piece of equipment the first 45 min. out-of-the-box it crashed it repaired itself because the United States number 800 number goes directly to India and I cannot understand them I guess when I'm trying to say is I hope there's more to this because I've been lied to I lost $300 with the software on the first computer nobody cares I even downloaded Windows aid on it I was supposed to get it for $15 the digital key did not work I had to pay $40 and everybody always acts like it's somebody else's problem if this wasn't my only means communication and entertainment I wouldn't have a computer the only reason I considered Toshiba was I have two other televisions 37 inch LED's and they've been excellent but it's not like it takes a lot of programming to have a TV work I don't know who Tom's hardware is and I'm sure I just wasted my breath but Merry Christmas in any case sincerely Christopher Franchino e-mail address if nothing else please send me the typical e-mail it's not your problem because there's no software with this I can see keep in it thank you again
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  1. facepalm.

    'Read how to write a forum post'.

    Walls of text = no one will waste their 'free' time reading it.

    FYI: I did read the subject, and no, you cannot get this as a free download from Toshiba.

    Call Toshiba support and ask for it, expect to pay $80 or so.
  2. still not sure what that was all about

    but if you want to factory restore it

    usually on a toshiba you turn it on and press zero key to get the hidden recovery partition
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