HP 8540w or Dell Studio 1749?


I have the opportunity to buy either one of the following 2 systems....

HP 8540W

4 gigs of ram
i7 720 qm 1.6 ghz / TB 2.8 ghz
Quadro FX 880 M

Dell Studio 1749

4gigs of ram
i5 540m 2.53 ghz / TB 3.03 ghz
Ati Radeon 5650

The HP is 1050 Euros and the Dell around 950ish.

I will be using the laptop for certain games such as Starcraft 2, Empire Total War and Diablo 3 whenever it comes out.

I will also use it with certain programs such as photoshop, solidworks, autocad.

Which of the 2 laptops would be more suited to my needs?
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  1. I'd shoot for the Dell, as they are more reliable over HP laptops, at least in my opinion. Plus, the GPU in the HP is more for 3D, design, etc..., not for gaming. You'll see the best results with the Dell for sure.
  2. Thanks for replying.

    I actually found another laptop with better specs than the Dell and the HP.

    It's the Asus n61jq

    It has 4 gb ram (dd3)
    i7 720qm
    Radeon 5730 (which is supposedly a spruced up 5650)

    What's your opinion on Asus laptops? This one seems really great for the money. The screen has a somewhat low resolution of 1366 x 768, but I don't mind because my current (rip) vaio has a res of 1280 x 800. It also has usb 3.0 and an hdmi port, so I could always hook up my full hd lcd.
  3. Definitely go for the ASUS. They make an all around good product for the price and their reliability is the best out there today.
    Source: http://lifehacker.com/5524704/laptop+reliability-study-highlights-the-most-sturdy-laptop-makers
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