intel p4 prescott 3,4 socket 775

i wonderd what the best way to cool down a p4 prescott is... or is it possible? im putting together a computer for first time and i wounder which coolers and towers are best to keep system temp and cpu temp as low as possible without jumping to expencive [-peep-] like water cooling ect. (excuse my english, im norwegian) i also wounder if anyone coud sugest a computer that is good do video editing.. (im also buying monitor and speakers)

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  1. The best way to cool a Prescott is of course to just not use the Prescott. :\ Seriously, if you're building a new PC, I'd just go with an A64 and save yourself that headache. New Scotties are meant to be coming with better power and thermal, but until then...

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  2. If you have to use the P4 Prescott, go with high cfm fans because you are going to need to push lot of air; both intake and exhaust from the case. Remember to keep your system free of dust and debris on a regular basis.

    If you truly want a power video editing machine, take a look at SGI's Tezro series. Throw in the Octane Video board (provides two independent input and two independent output channels of uncompressed SMPTE 259M, CCIR-601 serial digital video. The video can be PAL or NTSC timing and 8 or 10 bits per component. The two 4:2:2 inputs can be used together for a dual-link signal with video and key. Octane Digital Video provide broadcast-quality real-time video I/O for the Octane systems. It is the ideal solution for the post-production and broadcast professional who needs to get video in and out of the system at the highest quality in real time) and you'll be breezing through your vid projects.

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  3. The secret to keeping a prescott cool, is really good airflow. I would use a built-in vacuum for exhaust, and a 3 Kw air conditioner for intake, but you may not have to go that extreme.
  4. use a retail hs/f and a case reccomended by intel.
  5. You think that is the best way to cool the prescott?
  6. standered hsf for prescott imo is crap, i got the hyper6 hsf + extra fan and it works blinding :) mind u mine is a 2.8

    i have a post somwhere about the hyper6 hsf which i benchmarked,i will try find it for you,

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  7. Yeh the hyper6 is a great cooler. Bit the pricy side for a standard use tho.
  8. found it

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    If u do things right.... People won't be sure you've done anything at all......

    3 year warranty if anything breaks so who cares? plus it does fine. why would u waste money on anything else unless u want to overclock the hell out of it? in that case i'd get water cooling.
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